The Episode starts with Naira seeing Manish annoyed with Suwarna and wishing their relation doesn’t suffer. Kartik comes and asks Manish did Soumya take her life by her illness, what was the reason for her suicide. Manish sees Suwarna. Kartik says no need to see her, I want to know from you, why did mum do suicide, why did she take those medicines. Kirti says please don’t hide anything, tell us, she was our mum, we have right to know. Manish says I don’t have to tell anyone. He goes. Kartik asks Dadi to tell say what happened to his mum, why did she commit suicide. Dadi says I can’t tell anything till Manish says. Kartik says he finds reasons to talk to me, now when I m asking, he is not saying. He throws things and gets angry. Naira hugs him and asks him to calm down.


worries. He asks Dadi how to tell Kartik that his mum was mentally unstable, that she took her life by her illness, can he bear this. Dadi asks him to sit. Kirti and everyone look on. Dadi says I think you should tell Kartik, if Soumya knew this will happen by her letter, she would have not taken a promise. He says but I promised Soumya I won’t tell anything to children. She says its better to break promise than breaking house and hearts, we have no way now. Kartik sees the letter kept. Manish says I broke my promise. Dadi and Akhilesh say no, we broke the promise. Dadi asks him to trust Lord, everything will get fine. Kartik takes the letter and checks. He sees Naira.

He reads Soumya’s letter. She writes…. I know I have told you many times, I always do mistake and apologize, you forgive me every time, I trouble you because of my illness, I hallucinate things and fight with you, children got scared seeing our fight. Kartik recalls. He reads further…. Soumya apologizes for her mistakes and writes she is leaving the world, and requests Manish not to tell her children about her illness, as she doesn’t want her children to feel shame thinking of her, she wants them to think of her happily. She writes… stay happy and move on in life, sorry for doubting on you about your secretary, you all stay happy. Kartik cries thinking of Priyanka’s words and Manish. Maine socha bhi nai tha….plays…. Kartik thinks of Manish. He says I have just hated him since childhood, what did I do. Naira hugs him. Kirti comes and reads the letter. She cries. Kartik hugs her. They think of Soumya. Kartik apologizes to Kirti. He says you always said Manish is a nice man, Suwarna is nice, but my heart never agreed. Kirti says you understood now. Naira holds him. She says many years passed in hatred, but don’t miss the moments now. Kirti says she is saying right. Kartik goes.

Dadi asks where did Kartik go. Surekha says Suwarna said he got to know truth. Naira says yes, but he needs time to accept it. Manish sees Soumya’s pic. Suwarna holds him. He says sorry, I scolded you a lot, even then you supported me. She says Naira supported me when I was losing courage. He thanks her. She asks him to think what will he talk to Kartik. He asks will he talk to me. She says yes, give him some time, till then enjoy this wait. He says but he got a big shock, expecting something….. She says he is your son, Naira is his wife, everything will be fine, just wait for some time. She hugs him.

Kartik sees Soumya’s pic and recalls blaming Manish. Naira sees Kartik. Manish gets restless. Suwarna asks him to sit or go out. Kartik gets up and then sits back. Suwarna comes out and sees him. She says its same state there, thanks for supporting me, I left hope when you both came from bank. Naira says yes, sorry for not talking well, very soon Kartik will understand you. Suwarna says blame to kill his mum can get off me, but not the blame to take his mum’s place, I just want Manish and Kartik to stay happy.

Naira says when they are not trying, someone else have to try. Kids bring Kartik and Manish face to face.

Update Credit to: Amena


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