Jail inmate Tulsi tells warden that her punishment period has finished and she is getting released today, so she wants to meet Maya. Warden permits. Tulsi walks in and says Maya that she is going today and 5 years flew so soon, Maya hugs her and she collapses. Maya acts as worried and calls warden. Warden calls doc. Doc checks and pronounces Tulsi as dead, and her dead body is taken away. Maya stops crying and remembers how she killed Tusli with poisoned pin, says sorry Tulsi I had to betray and kill you to go out. She says Arjun she is coming.

At Arjun’s house, Arohi insists Suman and Jahnvi to tell who Maya is. Suman says there was one Maya and one Chaya, Maya is dead and story is finished. Arohi says she is not a kid and to tell real story. Jahnvi tells there was one beautiful princess with beautiful eyes with beautiful smile, she used to say in a big palace, reminiscing Maya, then says she was a monster. Suman says she used to eat children, especially like Arohi. Arohi gets afraid. They then discuss that they are living under Maya’s fear even now.

Maya applies chemical on her hands. Warden calls her for food. She walks to fuse room and touches electricity and collapses. Doc checks her and says she is dead, both Tusli and her friend Maya had bad faith and died on same day, their bodies should be transferred to morgue. They take her body to morgue.

Saanjh sits in garden. Arjun comes and says her boyfriend has messaged, if she is having an affair. She smiles and says yes. He says he is pity on that boy. Arjun says he wants to forget his past and does not want to remember anything. Saanjh says she wants to remember her past, especially duffer and dusky back, she is missing those jeep rides, eating pav bhaji at mid night, etc. Arjun says this new boy Arjun loves her more than duffer and he will not let her complain.

Maya wakes up in morgue and walks away burning morgue.

Precap: Maya wearing Tulsi’s sari burns morgue and walks away. Doctor says Maya and Tulsi are bodth died, Maya’s face is totally burnt, she was wearing jail’s shalwar kameez and Tulsi was wearing sari. Maya sees Arjun and Saanjh romancing in their balcony.

Update Credit to: MA


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