The episode begins with dharma walking away from Kartikeya and bindusara sees her and stops her and then goes towards her and asks her whether she has robbed something so she was running but she refuses by saying that she has a big treasure of knowledge so I don’t need to rob anything. He wipes her sweat and asks her why was she here because only males are allowed and not females. She stammers then immediately Kartikeya comes there and says that I’ve called her because my neck had some pain and I needed some massage so I called her and dharma only informed me that no females are allowed in this part of mahal. Bindusara tells him that now dharma is his wife’s dasi and not a lady from your praja so if you want any help you inform me then I’ll arrange another dasi for you.

then leaves and goes to nandinis room and finds that she is feeling nauseating and dharma asks her that whether she had been fasting for long life of maharaj then Nandini replies yes and when dharma asks that whether she has accepted that she is maharani Nandini then Nandini says yes and the dharma says she is really very happy.
When Helena comes to here that Nandini is fasting for Chandra then she immediately leaves fasting and starts eating the lunch and when apama comes and sees that Helena is having lunch and closes the door and advises her to add the few drops solution to nandinis water which Chandra is going to feed her.
When they reach their Helena purposely pushes nandini so that her glass full of water falls down and then she gives Nandini her own glass of water and when Chandra is about to feed her glass of water dasi says that bindusara has refused to come here then dadi says that if he don’t come here then charumatis first fast after marriage would remain incomplete then Nandini tells everyone that she will convince bindusara to come here and leaves for mahal.
When she reaches there she sees that bindusara is practising his weapon usage lessons and then she asks him to come with her and complete the rituals but he refuses then she says if I defeat you in sword fight you should come there and complete the rituals. After Nandini wins the fight everyone comes in and then bindusara performs the rituals and after that Chandra completes the rituals with Nandini. After this Chandra and Nandini goes in their room when Nandini is putting sindur on her forehead Chandra closes the door due to which she fumbles and all sindur falls on her face and body and then Chandra cleans it from nandinis body.

Mora tells Chandra that if Elis is getting married to Kartikeya then let his sister get married to bindusara. Elis hears Kartikeya telling dharma that he loves only dharma and not any other lady. After that dharma tells bindusara that she has a heart which has feelings in it and not like you who is merciless and then bindusara pushes her from the terrace.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


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