Moora asks Helena how can they get Bindusar and Chitra married. Helena says that Champanagar and Magadh’s relations will become stronger.  Apama asks Helena why has she done all this. Helena says that she is sure that the Champa king will get his daughter married to Bindusar.

Apama asks how will she get Bindusar to agree for this. Helena says that Bindusar will do anything for his sister. Helena is sure that she will be able to control Chitra too. Nandini is in the bath and Chandra comes there and wants to know the meaning of her words. Dharma comes there and Nandini asks Chandra to hide. Chandra jumps inside the water. Nandini ask Dharma to go and she will talk to her after her bath. Chandra comes up from the water and says that they will bathe together.

Nandini ask him to go. Adonis tries to talk to Bindusar while he is doing exercise. Adonis tells Bindusar that Chandra will chose him as the leader of the next battle. Adonis says that he will get his position back after this battle. Adonis says he wants to get married and Charumati assures to find a bride for her. Chandra asks Moora why they want to get Bindusar married again. Moora says that it will benefit them as they will be assured of Elis’s happiness.

Chandra says he will talk to Champa king. Dadi sees the scratch marks on Chandra’s hands and asks if an animal attacked him. Chandra says a wild cat attacked him. Chandra says that Nandini is responsible for this. Chandra says that Nandini was snoring and so he left the palace at night and got attacked by the wild cat. Nandini is left embarrassed. Nandini asks Chandra why he said all this. Nandini and Chandra have a niok jhok and share an eye-lock. Chandra asks Nandini to tell him what she had to tell her but Nandini says she cannot tell. Chanakya and Chandra plan for the next battle. Helena says that Bindusar is perfect to lead the battle. Nandini sees them talking and Chandra sees her and goes after her. Nandini says she just wanted to see the political discussions. Chandra brings Nandini to the meeting too. Chandra asks Nandini for her opinion. Nandini says that they should send Bhadra Ketu as Bindusar has just got married and needs to spend time with his wife. Chanakya says that Nandini is right and they should send Bhadra. Chandra says that it is confirmed that Bhadra Ketu should be sent for the Dhavalgarh battle. Helena pretends to be happy with the decision. Chandra announces in the courtroom that they will wage a war with Dhavalgarh. Chandra gives his sword to Bhadra Ketu. Bindusar is furious. Chandra says she knows Bhadra will win the battle. Bindusar’s hand bleeds in anger. Nandini asks Chandra why he took her for the political discussion. Nandini asks Chandra to tell her what were her talents. Chandra says she was good at political discussions, cooking and sword fighting. A mosquito sits on Chandra’s nose and Nandini tries to kill it with sword. Nandini falls in Chandra’s arm and they have a romantic eye-lock. The mosquito sits on Nandini’s face and Chandra shoos it away. Nandini makes Chandra feel her heartbeat and says she is feeling strange.  Maid comes and tells Chandra that dadi is calling him.

Precap: Nandini says I love you to Chandra in sign language. Chitra asks Dharma to save her from marrying Bindusar. Helena sees Chitra running away from the mandap.



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