The Episode starts Kartik saying we will take some other route. Naksh says car is not starting. They all worry. A guy says I will help you when there is a jam on road. Kartik asks what’s he doing. The guy dances. Naira says he is entertaining the people stuck in traffic. The guy offers them help. He introduces himself as Aryan. He tells them that they looked different and ladies are also with them, so he will help them. Aryan thinks what will I get by helping poor, I will get something by helping you.

Manish says they refused for chopper. Everyone worries. Kartik gets irritated by Aryan. Naira says he is helping us. Aryan asks them to come by short cut. Aryan takes them to someone’s house. Naira says we can’t stay here, we will go somewhere else. Aryan says they are

good people, come. The family welcomes them. Ananya asks Bau ji to have food, Naira and everyone will come. Naitik says Naira called and said she found a place in someone’s house, the guy who took them there is a nice guy. Aryan attends a call and goes, saying poor people get much benefit from rich. Kirti says I m not worried, as I have you all with me, everything will be fine. Naira tells Kartik that Kirti is upset.

Naitik calls her and asks them not to take risk by leaving. The family asks them to stay there and not go out. Kartik says but its Kirti’s mehendi. The lady asks them to do mehendi with them, as mehendi color is same. Dadi says its same thing if mehendi happens here or there, do Naksh and Kirti’s mehendi there. Kirti says fine but on one condition, you all will also celebrate mehendi and none will get sad. Dadi, Baisa, Bhabhimaa and everyone dance on Aai shubh ghadi…..Suwarna signs Manish. He apologizes. Suwarna dances with the women. The man asks where are our special guests. Naksh and Kartik come. The lady asks where is bride and her Bhabhi. Kirti and Naira come. They all smile. Yeh rishta kya….plays…. Kartik signs to compliment Naira. The lady asks Kirti to go to Naksh. Kartik and Naira compliment each other.

Naksh says sorry, I don’t understand all this. Kirti says its fine, but please learn it, it feels good, its not a demand, its a request. The women dance at home. Naitik gets lawyer’s call. He asks what, and gets worried. He sees everyone dancing. Kirti sits for mehendi. The lady says its a happy day, we got another daughter. The man says we have a tradition that girl and guy tells something about each other. The bride and groom tell shayari for each other. The lady asks Kirti to say. Kirti says no, I don’t like all this. Naira asks her to say few lines. Naksh signs. Kirti does shayari to say how her broken fate has become bright like a diamond. Naksh also tells shayari to say his life got complete because of her. Everyone claps. Kartik says you guys rocked it. Naira and Kartik also does shayari to elaborate their love for each other. Yeh rishta….plays….

Kartik, Naksh, Kirti and Naira dance on Banno……

Update Credit to: Amen


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