Bindusar destroys everything with his sword. Helena comes there and asks him to calm down. Bindusar says that his father does not trust him to lead a war. Helena says that Chandra wanted him to go for the war but Nandini suggested Bhadra Ketu’s name.

Helena says that she does not understand why Nandini suggested Bhadra’s name. Helena says that Nandini does not want Bindusra to be next king. Bhadra addresses the other soldiers and says they will win the battle. Malay Ketu tells Bhadra to win the battle. Malay tells Bhadra that if his life is in danger then he should escape. Bhadra says he cannot betray his soldiers. Malay tells Bhadra not to be in Bindusar’s shadow. Malay scolds Bhadra and says that Bindusar will get all the credit and he will be left with nothing.

Nandini comes there and says that nothing like this will happen. Nandini says that Chandra punished his own son and he will never do injustice. Bhadra tells Nandini that she too has become an idol for him like Chandra. Bhadra thinks to talk to Chitra about his feelings. Chitra too thinks to tell Bhadra about her feelings before he leaves for the battle. Chitra looks around for Bhadra. Chitra and Bhadra finally meet each other. Bhadra tells Chitra he wants to tell her something important.

Chitra says that she too has to say something. Chitra says they will say it together. Chitra confesses to Bhadra that she loves him. Bhadra says he will return to Magadh soon for her as he loves her immensely. Bhadra say that they will talk to their parents about their marriage once he returns. Chitra’s father says that he is happy with the alliance of Bindusar and Chitra. Chandra says that on the day of Elis and Kartikeya’s wedding they will get Bhadra and Chitra married. Nandini does Tilak for Bhadra as he leaves for the war. Bindusar gets very angry seeing this. Nandini tells Bhadra that he is lucky to fight for his motherland. Chandra, Nandini and Malay give blessing to Bhadra. Bhadra asks why Bindusar has not come to bid him goodbye. Helena asks Bhadra not to wait for Bindusar and leave soon.  Bindusar looks at Bhadra angrily and Bhadra gets sad. Chitra’s mother tells Chitra that her marriage has been fixed with Bindusar. Adonis tells everyone that he is very angry. Chandra asks him to speak clearly. Adonis says that there are two weddings and they should do some enjoyment.  Charumati says that she has a game where one team has to act and other team has to guess.  Bindusar says that he is not interested in this game. Adonis tells Bindusar to be in his team. Elis tells Adonis a poem name in his ear and Adonis does the acting. Everyone continues to play the game. Nandini comes to act and Charumati tells her something in her ear. Nandini wonders how to do the acting. Nandini thinks she will be able to tell Chandra about her feelings through acting. Chandra also understands that Nandini wants to tell her feeling and purposely does not guess it. Nandini goes away and Chandra goes after her. Nandini asks him why he did not guess. Chandra says that he understood what she wanted to say. Chandra asks Nandini to speak up about her feelings. Nandini refuses so Chandra gets annoyed. Dharma asks Nandini what is the problem. Nandini says that Chandra wants her to express her feelings. Dharma laughs and asks her to do it as it is easy.

Precap: Chandra says that a lot of queens are still attracted to him. Nandini says that if Chitra loves Bhadra then she has to stop the wedding. Bindusar says he does not believe in love and therefore he will marry Chitra.


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