The Episode starts with the old man telling everyone about the couple game. He says its a fun game, every jodi will be given garland and kada, both the guy and girl will pull the garland and make the kada pass to the other side. Kartik says its not so tough, we will do it soon. The couples get the garlands. The lady says the garland should not break or fall down till the kada/bangles reaches the other side. Naksh says it looks tough, it would be good if the string was of thread, the garland can break by the pull. The man says its a test of love. They all try. Yeh rishta….plays…..

The lady says they don’t have experience. A man says even we are failing here. The other guy jokes that he failed in the love test. Everyone starts counting. Naira gets thinking and sits

down. Naksh and Kirti look on. Kartik holds the string higher and passes the kada to her. She gets it in her hand. Everyone claps. Kirti says we tried. The man says this game was so easy, but none thought of it. The lady says Naira and Kartik understood the game. Naira says we humans love each other and sometimes our personality comes in between.

Kartik says and love gets stuck in between, we have to make adjustments without changing our personalities. Naira says if one bends and other gets high, the love battle can be won. The couple blesses them. Naksh says you guys have set a new standard of love. Kirti says if we reach close to this standard, it will be big thing for us. Naitik stays worried. Suwarna gets a call. Manish answers the call and makes her talk. Her brother says I had to say something about your son. Suwarna says no, I will call later. He says you made your son my son, but you are still the mum, you have right to know about him, its my duty to tell you. Manish feeds Suwarna. She gets worried.

Naira applies mehendi to Kirti. Naksh sits along Kirti. Kartik takes their pics. The man tells about rasam, groom feeds sweets to the brid. Naksh feeds the sweets to Kirti. Naira signs Kartik. Kartik feeds sweets to Naira. Kartik talks to Naksh. They go and sing Banno ki saheli…… They all dance. Aryan joins the function and eats food. He gets a call and says I will talk later, concentrate on food. He sits dancing.

The lady thanks everyone for making the function better. Naira thanks Ruksar for giving them a place and also conducting Kirti’s mehendi. Kirti thanks them. Aryan tells them that they can’t leave now. Kirti asks what will we do now. Kartik asks her not to worry. Aryan says I will try, give me the car keys. Naksh gives the keys. Naira says he is a good guy, why dont you trust him. Naksh says he is strange. Kartik says I m sure he has some agenda. Naira asks what profit will he have. Kartik says its fine, why are we fighting because of him. Naira sees Aryan’s phone ringing. Aryan comes and takes his phone. She says sorry, you don’t answer calls, did you fight with your dad, you should not leave talking to him, else you have to regret later, talk to him. She goes. Aryan answers his dad’s call. Suwarna’s brother is his dad.

Naksh and Kirti have a talk. He tells her that he can’t answer her anything, as girls look fat and ask guys if they are looking fat, guys don’t know what to do, its better that girls don’t ask anything. She starts laughing on his innocent words. Naira and Kartik show their mehendi to each other. They say we are made for each other, we will always love each other. They stand at either sides of the curtain, and do a Nikaah. Music plays…..

They talk via signs. Yeh rishta kya….plays…. He keeps a mirror and sees her face. She comes to his side. She says you will not get a lover like me. He says even you won’t get a lover like me, I m mad about you, never think to get away from me, I can’t tolerate it, I will die. They hug.

Aryan makes Naira drop the jewelry potli and smiles. Dadi asks Naira to give jewelry. Naira says I don’t have it. Dadi scolds her.

Update Credit to: Amena


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