Bindusar and Elis do sword fighting and Bindusar praises Elis. Dharma comes there and Elis remembers Kartikeya confessing her love to Dharma. Elis asks Dharma to do massage for her. Bindusar also gets angry seeing Dharma.

Elis makes Dharam massage her feet. Bindusar sees the wound on Elis’s hand and ask her about it. Elis thinks that she has got this wound because of Dharma. Elis thinks she will seek revenge firm Dharma. Elis gets hurt on her feet and blames Dharma for harming her. Elis says that she would have punished a Greek maid by whipping her. Bindusar calls for a whip. Bindusar asks Elis to beat Dharma with the whip. Nandini comes there and stops Elis.

Nandini tells Bindusar that she is doing wrong. Bindusar asks Nandini why is she saving Dharma just because she calls her mother. Nandini says that she would have saved any other maid also if he would do this inhuman behavior on them. Bindusar ask her how she has these rights and Nandini says that she is queen Nandini. Bindusar blames Nandini for killing her mother and also blames her for sending Bhadra Ketu in his place for the war. Nandini tries to defend her decision.

Bindusar blames Nandini is to trying to remove him from her way and says he will not let her do so. Nandini tells Dharam she has to do something to end Bindusar’s hatred. Chitra tells her father she cannot do this marriage. Helena tells Bindusar to marry Chitra for Elis’ sake. Helena says that Kartikeya will not be able to harm Elis if Chitra become Bindusar’s wife. Chitra’s father tells Chitra that she has to marry Bindusar. Chitra’s mother insists that she has to do this marriage. Bindusar agrees for the marriage. Nandini tells Dharam that she will dress her up. Elis’s haldi ceremony begins. Elis sees Dharma and says that only royal women will participate in the function and therefore she does not want Dharma there. Dharma seeks forgiveness and says she will leave. Nandini stops Dharma. Helena asks Nandini what is she doing. Nandini says that a Brahmin’s position is above a king. Nandini says that if Dharma is part of the function then it will be a good omen. Elis is about to leave but Helena stops her and ask her to calm down. Elis’ haldi function continues. Later, Nandini enters Chandra’s room and Chandra asks Nandini to put Kajal for her. Chandra says that he does not want to catch anyone’s evil eye. Nandini laughs and says only women do this. Chandra says that even today many queens and princesses are attracted to him. Nandini puts the black mark on Chandra’s nose and Chandra tells Nandini that she is jealous of him. Nandini laughs at Chandra’s childishness. Chitra thinks about Bhadra telling her that he will talk about their alliance. Dharma finds Chitra crying and asks her about it. Dharma says she will call her mother. Chitra asks her not to call her mother as she is the only one who can help her. Chitra asks Dharma to save her from Bindusar. Chitra says she does not want to do this marriage. Elis gets dressed up for the wedding. Helena praises her beauty. Helena helps Elis to get dressed. Kartikeya is sad thinking of Dharma. His father tells him he is doing this marriage for his people. Dharma tells Chitra that she will help her but she should not take any wrong step. Dharma says she will talk to Nandini. Adonis tells Bindusra that he does not want him to run away from the mandap this time and ties his feet. Bindusar assures he will not run away. Nandini shows Chandra the Sindoor and asks him to put it but Chandra avoids her. Nandini asks Chandra why he is not looking at her and not talking to her. Chandra asks Nandini to tell her feelings and then he will talk to her. Chandra sees Nandini’s reflection in the mirror and thinks she is looking so beautiful.

Precap: Chitra gives Dharma her wedding clothes and asks her to take her place in the mandap. Helena hears this. Nandini tells Chandra she cannot find Dharam anywhere.



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