Dharma gets a letter which says that he knows that she is replacing Chitra as Bindusar’s bride. The letter also says that he knows that’s he loves Kartikeya the letter also reads that Champa will be destroyed.

Helena looks at Dharam reading the letter. The letter warns Dharma that’s eh has to marry Bindusar. Dharma wonders who has sent her this letter. Helena coms to take away Dharma to the mandap and calls her Chitra. Chitra’s mother also comes there and Helena tells her that Chitra is like her daughters so she is taking her to the mandap. Helena asks Chitra’s mother to take her daughter to Mandap. Helena takes away the letter so that no clue is left.

Dharma is brought into the mandap and she is very tensed. Nandini tells Chandra that she has to say something very important. Helena does the ghatbandhan. Bindusar and Dharam begin to take the wedding rounds and Elis and Kartikeya also takes the wedding rounds. Nandini tells Chandra that Chitra tells someone else and asks him to stop the wedding. Chandra stops the wedding and says he wants to ask Chitra whether she is happy with this wedding. Dharma is in dilemma.

Some minister praise Bhadra for his braveness for winning the battle. The soldier says that someone has come to meet him from Magadh. Chitra comes there in a veil. Bhadra sees Chitra and they hug each other. Chitra cries and tells Bhadra and Chitra tells him everything. Bhadra says that she should not have come here and done this. Chitra says that’s he could not have married to Bindusar. Nandini asks the bride to tell the truth to Chandra and not be scared. Dharma thinks of the letter. Bhadra asks Chitra to returns to Magadh. Chitra says she will not go back before marrying him. Chitra warns that she will kill herself but not marry Bindusar. Bhadra tells Chitra that he will marry her right away. Nandini is about to take off the veil and Helena asks Nandini to stop as groom cannot see bride. Chitra’s father says that his daughter has no problem with the wedding. Nandini tells Chandra that Chitra told Dharma that she does not want to marry Bindusar. Bindusar tells Chandra that he is making a fool of him and asks why Nandini is interfering in this matter. Nandini requests Chandra to stop this wedding. Chandra asks why did Chitra not refuse. Chandra says he cannot stop this wedding.  Nandini says that she will call Dharam to say the truth. Priest says that Mahurat is getting over and they should complete the wedding soon. Moora ask Chandra to let the wedding get completed. Nandini goes looking for Dharma while the two wedding take place. Bindusar puts Sindoor on Dharma’s head as Helena covers her face. Nandini can’t find Dharma anywhere. Priest says that both weddings are completed. Later, Helena cries and Apama gets worried. Helena suddenly bursts out laughing and says tears are false tears. Helena says h will have to do this drama once it gets revealed that Bindusar has married Dharam and not Chitra. Apama and Helena laugh thinking about the big drama which will take place. Maid calls them for grahpravesh ceremony. Apama also wants to do drama of crying. Chandra meets Nandini is room and Nandini says that she is not able to find Dharma anywhere. Chandra says that he could not stop the wedding and also assures her that Dharma might be safe. Nandini says he is feeling very sacred for Dharma. Chandra asks soldiers to search for Dharma.

Precap: Bhadra and Chitra enter the palace and Bindusra takes veil off from Dharma’s face. Everyone gets shocked. Chandra and Nandini’s unknown enemy says he has to reach Magadh soon.



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