The Episode starts with pilot saying I can’t drive alone, I need a co pilot. The attendant says I will announce and maybe there is some pilot in passengers. Kartik says stop, they will panic. He gets Manish. Manish asks how will I do this, I didn’t fly since long. Kartik asks him to try. He introduces Manish Goenka, who is a licensed pilot, he flies his private plane. He asks the pilot to please trust him. Pilot asks him to send Manish. Manish says I didn’t fly since long but we both need each other. Kartik says we need you two to get us out of this problem. Manish gets on the work. Kartik stays with him. Suwarna asks Naira where did Kartik take Manish. Naira says in cockpit, pilot fainted. They all get shocked. Suwarna and Akhilesh say Manish is a licensed pilot. Passengers asks

are they mad, call him back. Naira defends Manish. Naksh justifies that Manish is helping them. Akhilesh asks them to sit calm.

Kartik holds Manish. They all sit tensed. Naira prays. Kartik asks Manish to try his best and leave everything on Lord. Manish and pilot make the situation stable. Everyone thanks Lord. Kids say it was dangerous roller coaster. Naksh tells Kirti that everything is fine now. Manish says we are safe now, plane is on auto pilot now, you can take over. Pilot thanks him for saving everyone’s lives. Manish sees Kartik. Manish asks how is captain now. The attendants say thanks, he is better now, we told him, he is very impressed. Captain thanks Manish. Manish says I just made a try on my son’s saying, take care of yourself, manage your seat.

Everyone claps for Manish. Naira thanks him. Manih gives the credit to Kartik. Kartik gives credit to Naira. Kartik says we should give the deserving credit to one. Manish sees Suwarna and they smile. Rajshri says we can do haldi after flight lands. Naksh asks Kirti why is she worried. Kirti says our safety is imp than haldi. Dadi apologizes as their rasam is not happening because of her. Kirti and Suwarna ask her not to feel guilty. Dadi cries and goes.

Naira says when Dadi is wishing, haldi should happen on mahurat, many hurdles came and all rasams happened on time. Baisa asks where will we do rasam. Naksh says we have groom, bride and haldi. Kartik says we don’t have permission, we should get it. Kartik asks attendant to take permission from captain. Captain comes and says we don’t permit this, but since your family did much, we will say yes just to say thanks. Manish says we have to ask co passengers also. Kartik asks the passengers. They all agree. Captain says just be careful that plane doesn’t get bad, and send some sweets. They all smile. Kartik and Naira go to get Dadi and show her the decorations. Dadi gets surprised. She asks what’s all this. Kartik says Naksh and Kirti’s haldi will happen here. Kirti says its Naira’s idea. She thanks Naira. Dadi cries. Naira asks her to save tears for Kirti’s bidaai, there is just 10 mins for mahurat.

She takes Naksh and Kirti. She says your haldi will be happening and then you can’t see each other till marriage. Kartik asks how can you lose this chance, remember when we were marrying, I thought to make the most of it. Naira asks them to meet. Kartik wishes them all the best. They leave. Naksh and Kirti see each other. Kartik and Naira argue. He jokes asking her to say what to do in young age. He asks her to settle scores. Kirti says I had to say thanks, this time to Lord for giving you, our story is different, don’t know its love marriage or arranged, we didn’t meet or talk much. Naksh says sometimes to understand each other, talking is not necessary. Naira and Kartik come and say sorry, come out, its time for mahurat. Rajshri says we got ready, Kuldevi is not here. Devyaani says Kuldevi is here on silver coin. Dadi says its good, we will do its puja. They hear announcement that they can do haldi now. Naira asks Kartik to help her. She gets Naksh and Kirti. Kartik gives rings. Naira says Kartik gave idea that they can exchange rings as well. They all clap. Naksh thinks of Naitik. Naksh asks him not to get upset thinking of Naitik. He hugs her.

Naira and everyone sing and dance. Kirti smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena


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