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IPKKND 3 Episode 67 : The Dam Cracks!

We have entered the last week of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon, a show that aired briefly but lit up our hearts with its outstanding acting, exceptional dialogs, magnificent screenplay and above all, an amzing, superlative pair who established an intense and scorching chemistry within 70 episodes – An amazing feat! I pray that some other PH or the self same PH repeats this pair, explores that smouldering chemistry – of which we just had a glimpse and give us an inferno that will subsume us in their magic!

The Dice has rolled, it’s do or die for Chandni. She has literally put all her eggs in one basket aka ‘CONFESSION’ from Sasha – A failure would mean losing Dev forever – a nightmare scenario that she doesn’t even want to contemplate. Accordingly Chandni lays and manages to trap Sasha into confessing her crimes. BUT before that, what’s happening in Advay land?

With the rejoined bridal globe in hand, Advay recounts all the moments  he spent with Chandni, the courting, the skirmishes, the fights, the caring, everything runs through the theater of his mind and like the cracks on the globe, the strong armour of Advay finally begins to crack. He has not realized the fact but he simply responds to the instinct. Guided by the instinct he goes in search of Chandni, unaware she is fighting to save their love.

Switching back to Advay, Advay who still is ardently searching for Chandni runs into Nani, the voice os wisdom borne from pain and suffering. Though blind, she sees that Advay has finally succumbed to his heart. What heart desires, the heart demands and the heart gets. Advay has become a helpless conduit of his hearts desire and HIS heart desires Chandni.

Meanwhile After scaring and browbeating Sasha into submission, Chandni unleashes her ruthless side, She cows Sasha into accepting Advay as HER brother thus sealing what Chandni said few episodes ago “Tumhe dekhte hi Nanand maanliya maine”

** Here I simply would love to give a Jaadu ki Jhappi to 4 Lions. Bravo for handling and ending Sasha track with such aplomb. Who would have expected such an unexepected twist to the track? Definitely not ME! I was struck dumb and was later rolling in laughter at the way Sasha was smoothly trapped in the “Rakhi”noose… Brilliant move, 4 Lions!! Loved it**

Advay naturally is thunderstruck at being “bhai zoned”nevertheless he is a relieved man. But the ever curious Advay wants to know the reason and he rushes behind Sasha who gives him few unadulterated home truths leaving a thoughtful Advay behind.

Advay comes back to his room only to encounter a pleased Chandni who is adorning her ear with earrings. She boasts about ridding Advay of unwanted baggages. Her gentle reminders and proofs brings to life the specter that has been haunting him since his adolescence and the dam finally begins to crack when he opens up about his loss and asks for an answer from uncomprehending Chandni.

**Easily the best scene of the episode – This moment brought out the essential contradiction of Advay Singh Raizada. Just a few days ago, he was reluctant to marry Sasha, Just a few moments ago, he was searching for Chandni, Just couple of minutes ago, he was intent on having a serious talk with Nani (probably about calling off the wedding), Just a few seconds ago he looked quietly happy when he saw Chandni in bridal wear but what changes when he enters the room?

Advay is a hoarder, he is a man scared of losing his loved ones. He is alright if  HE CHOOSES to walk away but when the other person walks out of his life, he is greatly shaken. He was depressed when the woman he hated and whom he wanted to walk out, actually DID walk out (Chandni). He is shaken when Sasha too walks out of his life. Advay cannot take a loss in relationships. It brings back the memories of people he lost, the relationships that elapsed . When Advay walks in, the first person he sees is a smugly triumphant Chandni who teases him about Sasha’s exit, unaware of the chaos devastating his mind. Chandni’s words and actions instead of exorcising the ghosts actually gives life to his worst fears. Here is this girl, once again stealing away HIS people away from HIM through her crafty manipulations. HERE is this girl who stole my childhood, my happiness, My family, my world set to destroy my present world built after prolonged suffering. Advay, the stony barrier cannot  withstand the onslaught anymore. Advay has lost and in his defeat he asks the reason for his sentence, the punishment meted out to him despite his innocence, the reason for his pain, for his suffering  …At this moment, Advay Loses – Dev emerges!! **

Barun simply nailed this part !!



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