The Episode starts with Naksh and Kirti exchanging rings. They all clap. Naira and Kartik tease them. Kirti smiles seeing Naksh. Naira and Kartik get them. A curtain is tied in between. The attendant congratulates Naksh and Kirti. Naira says I will do sister’s duty first and then of Bhabhi. Naira applies haldi to Naksh. Everyone applies haldi to him and sing Haryala banna…. They all dance. Naksh sees Akshara’s pic. Naira holds him.

Naira takes haldi for Kirti and applies to her. Everyone apply haldi to Kirti. Everyone sings. Dadi says haldi got completed. Baisa congratulates them. The man says I will also do my son’s haldi this way. Attendant says we are going to land on destination airport, all of you get seated now. Kirti thanks Naira for her backup ideas, it was

much fun. Dadi says Naksh and Kirti can’t meet till marriage. Naira says I will get sweets. She goes. Kartik goes after her. She thinks of his words. Kartik walks to her. Yahan wahan…..plays…..He says I m just taking cold drink, what’s the problem. She thinks if he got annoyed, no dream can get fulfilled if we leave from here. She takes sweets. He stops her. They recall the old moment.

He romances. She says anyone will come. He says so what, we are husband and wife. She says I love you. He says I love you too. She thanks him for coming in her life. She kisses him. He acts to fall down. They laugh and hug. Aryan eats food and says I have to think of something. He sees news of Manish flying the plane. He gets idea.

Kartik feeds sweets to everyone. He sends sweets for captain. He sees kids with phone. He sees Naksh’s video. He hears announcement. Naira says we will go and sit now. He says I was seeing Yash and Naksh’s video, but couldn’t hear anything. She says you can watch later, come, haldi rasam happened well. He says you have made it fine. She says we did this. They feed sweets to each other. She says Naitik should come on time. He guarantees marriage will happen well. The flight lands.

Naira happily cries. Kartik hugs her. Dadi asks Naira what happened. Kartik says she is strange, she shows courage in tough time, she gets senti when everything gets fine. Everyone gets surprised at airport. People make Manish wear garlands and clicks pictures with him. Aryan welcomes them. He sees Manish and says I have seen on tv. Manish says so you did all this. Suwarna asks him to see flight news on tv. They all see Manish. Aryan signs to thank Suwarna. She smiles. Aryan says I got car for all, come with me, I will take bags.

Kartik asks what is he doing here. Naira says we kept him for work. Kartik says it means we have to bear this headache, I will tell him to keep mouth shut and stay in limit. Dadi says we will wait for you all. Rajshri asks Naira to come before pagdi and tilak rasam so that we get baraat on time. Dadi looks on.

Aryan drops all bags and asks servants to keep it in car. Naksh says why did Naitik not call, did case get extended. Rajshri says maybe he called and our phones were off, who can miss this day. Naksh says I feel nervous. Rajshri jokes. Dadi worries for arrangements. Naira and Kartik check. Kids ask why is everyone becoming clown. Dadi says no, everyone wants to look beautiful in marriage. Aryan says I have to look good and make new friends, I have to look rich. He takes face pack. Dadi asks Naira about Kirti’s things. Naira says its all done. Kartik gets garlands and says its very imp. Naira says its history is bad. Kartik asks the man to keep garlands safe and lock it, give keys to Naira. She smiles. Naitik sits worried. He gets Naksh’s call and says how to tell him, if I don’t end this case, Naksh can get jail.

Naitik says I can’t come in my son’s marriage. Naira says Naitik missed the flight. Naksh says baraat won’t go without dad. b

Update Credit to: Amena


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