The Episode starts with Rishi coming to Tanuja’s room and sees her sleeping alone. He gets happy seeing her sleeping alone. A song Jaana plays…….He recalls their moments. Tanuja wakes up and sees Rishi. He hides and thinks morning dream always come true. Tanuja thinks he can’t be here. Tere Bina plays…

Manpreet asks Servant to make tea. Abhishek comes and asks who is he? He sees Rishi coming out of room and asks who is he? Rishi and Manpreet say that they are milk man. Abhishek scolds Servant and asks him not to take the milkman inside again else he will fire him. Rishi tells manpreet that Tanuja and Abhishek don’t sleep together and it means they are not husband and wife. Manpreet says we will get my Bhabhi home and gets happy. Natasha tells Tanuja that she prayed for her, and says she

is looking like Ahana, as she has decorated her hairs with red thing (sindoor). Tanuja recalls Rishi about to put sindoor, and something of it falls down. Rishi tells Manpreet that if she really wants him to go and why don’t she return to him, says Natasha is his daughter, what is stopping her. Rishi thinks of Tanuja telling her that Natasha and Abhishek are her future and present. Rishi comes to Tanuja’s house. Natasha talks to Rishi and tells that she will come to his house today. Tanuja comes back and asks what they were talking? Rishi asks her to make ginger tea for him, and asks why she is scared and what she is hiding.Tanuja says nothing and goes to make tea.

Netra thinks whenever I tried to tell truth to Rishi, I was unsuccessful. She tells that she will tell him that Tanuja and Abhishek aren’t married.

Rishi drinks tea and says it is good. If you are scared, you can let the door open. Tanuja asks why I will get scared of you. Rishi asks her to tell what she was hiding from him and asks why you didn’t tell me about Natasha. Tanuja says if you have been responsible father, then I would have told you. Rishi asks about her marriage date. Abhishek asks Rishi not to come to his house when he is not there. He says I am silent because of her and asks him to go. Tanuja asks them not to fight. Rishi goes. Netra writes the truth about the night and about Abhishek and Tanuja. Tanuja stops Rishi and says she got married to Abhishek when Natasha was born and when he left her.

Rishi is at Tanuja’s home and asks Natasha not to tell Tanuja. Later Tanuja comes, Rishi hides hearing her. Natasha tells her that she was talking to Mr. Handsome. Tanuja is surprised.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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