The Episode starts with Naksh trying to get out of the room. Yash and Naira think Naksh got tensed and went away. Kartik asks Naira to be strong and come for varmala. Naksh says I didn’t realize where I came, it got late. He calls for help. Aryan comes in that side corridor. Kartik asks Naira to give keys to get varmala. Naira gives keys. He asks her to wait, he will just come. Yash signs no to Naira. She worries.

Rajshri asks where is Naksh, is he sitting sad and worried as Naitik didn’t come. Yash says no, he would be coming. Aryan passes by the room. Naksh sees intercom and says why did I not see this before. Some servant calls Aryan. Aryan says I feel someone is there. Servant says why will anyone be there in laundry room. Naksh says this intercom is damaged, what to do.

Naira says till when will we hide, we have to tell everyone. Kartik asks everyone to pay attention and see he got the varmala to avoid any problem. He sees varmala frozen in ice. They all look on. Kartik says its not breaking. They all get worried and hit on the ice. Naira says I have to talk to you, Kartik listen. They all shout and suggest to get varmala. Naira shouts I have to say something. The bowl falls down. They see the ice broken, and get the varmala. They laugh. Kartik praises and thanks Naira. She says please listen to me, I have to say something.

Naksh comes and says sorry, I got late. They all ask where did he go. Naksh says sorry, lawyer called and I got busy. Kartik says we got worried because of Varmala. Naksh says I thought I will get scolded. Kartik asks him to come, its varmala mahurat. Aryan thinks groom got saved because of me, I helped them and now they will help me. He smiles. Yash says don’t know he is saying true or not. Naira says I can’t let this marriage go ahead. Yash says he would have thought before coming here. She says its about his entire life. Yash stops her. Suwarna and Surekha get Kirti. They all smile and compliment her. Naira goes to Naksh and Kirti.

Yash prays everything gets fine. Kartik says we will start varmala. Naira says wait a min, this varmala will happen, but I have to talk to Naksh first. They all get worried. Kartik says at this time. She says yes, please. Dadi asks Naira what is she saying. Naira says it will be something imp if I m saying this now. Rajshri and Devyaani worry. Dadi asks Naira to understand. Naira signs Kartik. He says let Naira go and talk to Naksh.

Naira holds Naksh’s hand and takes him. Bau ji says Naira looked worried. Kirti asks Kartik is there any problem. Kartik says its about Naira’s Papa, Naitik called, he was much upset that he can’t reach, he told Naira to handle Naksh. Rajshri asks why, he is coming right. Kartik says no. Devyaani asks what do you mean. Kartik says he has to reach tomorrow morning, else Naksh and he can fall in problem.

Naira keeps Naksh’s hand on her head. He asks what happened. She says promise you will say truth, you are doing this marriage for my happiness, I know but want to hear it from you, why are you not saying anything, what’s the truth. Naksh says yes Naira, its truth, I m doing this for you. She gets shocked. He says I wanted to see you happy.

She asks did you think for Kirti, she has gone through a lot, how can you hurt her. He says listen to me, I didn’t hurt anyone. He explains her everything. He says I love Kirti, but not much as you and Kartik love each other, she is a nice simple girl, I really like her, trust me. She says how to believe, if you can lie on rakhi day, why not today. He says I m not lying today, trust me, I promised myself I will keep marriage well. She asks where did you disappear. He says I got a call and got locked, see the call time, I spoke to lawyer.

She says don’t lie, guard saw you going out. He says no way, that guy opened the door and I reached there, you don’t trust me. She says you have hidden a lot, you and Kirti, your lives, families relations, how much will it get complicated. He says I had excuse to avoid marriage that my Papa is not here, is this proof less, I want to do this marriage so I m here. She looks at him and asks you knew about Papa. He nods. They cry. He says I want to do this marriage for myself, I won’t get a girl like Kirti again, I want my and Kirti’s marriage to become bigger example than Akshara and Naitik’s, but I need you, don’t think much. Someone looks on. Naksh says I promise I will do what you say. She goes.

Naira and Naksh come to everyone. Kirti worries.

Update Credit to: Amena


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