The Episode starts with Rishi and his family coming to court. Lawyer asks Abhishek why did he transfer half property on Natasha’s name. Abhishek says he thought this is the right time. Lawyer says ok. Tanuja says Natasha is my responsibility. Abhishek says how many times shall I tell you that she is my daughter too. Tanuja becomes quiet. Rishi comes there and tells Abhishek that if he wins the case then he will have double win. Abhishek gets angry. Tanuja asks him to calm down and says he is trying to instigate you. Manpreet asks Rishi why did he challenge Abhishek. Rishi says his win is surely and says there is no counter plan for this. Tanuja asks what is his plan to win the case. Rishi asks her to tell if she had told him any lie. Tanuja says no. Rishi apologizes to her for hurting her heart in court.

Tanuja holds his hand and asks what is she going to do. Rishi says you held my hand and I will never leave you. Abhishek asks Tanuja what happened to her. Tanuja says nothing, but is very worried.

Tanuja’s lawyer tells that Netra will not accept Tanuja’s daughter Natasha and that’s why she don’t want to give her custody to Rishi. Rishi comes to the witness box and tells that when she met Tanuja, she appeared to be married to Abhishek. He tells that Tanuja is not married to Abhishek and is financially weak. He says Abhishek might support Tanuja for now, but he will not when Tanuja resigns or is fired from job. Abhishek says he has already transferred 50 percent of his property on Natasha’s name. Rishi says but Natasha can’t get it until she turns 18 and you can change your decision. He tells that he is financially stable and Natasha has everyone at her side. He asks court to give her custody to him. Tanuja asks him not to give custody to Rishi and cries.

Judge tells that she has heard all witness and has taken a decision thinking about 7 years old girl. Tanuja’s lawyer pretends to get heart attack. Judge asks why did you get heart attack on verdict days. Lawyer says if anything happens to me then you will be responsible. Judge tells that she will not let others suffer because of him and adjourns the court for 2 weeks.

Lawyer gets happy. Tanuja is tensed. Rishi says if you had hired a good lawyer rather than acting then would have won the case. Hamari adhuri kahani plays….he walks out of court. Tanuja cries.

Tanuja asks Rishi why is he doing this. Rishi says he loves her. Tanuja says I don’t love you. Rishi says he will win the case then daughter and her mother will come.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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