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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th October 2017 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Naira and Naksh coming to everyone. Everyone looks at them tensed. Naira says we can do varmala now. Naira thinks I found truth in Naksh’s words and hope they stay happy. Naksh promises himself that he will keep Kirti happy. Naira says I had to tell Naksh about Papa. Kartik says I told them that Papa can’t reach in marriage, sorry. Bau ji says its good Naitik was there to manage. Rajshri says Akshara and Naitik had wish that Naksh has happiness in his marriage, we will fulfill his wish. Kartik says you managed Naksh, is he fine. Naira says you manages everything. He asks her not to worry, everything will get fine. Naira thinks I didn’t tell anyone as I want to see Naksh and Kirti happy, Naksh promised he will keep Kirti happy.

Akhilesh asks shall

we start varmala. Kartik says wait, we should have a celebration first. Naira takes Kirti and signs Naksh. All the women dance. Rishton me pyaar hai….plays….. Naira gets Naksh to Kirti and joins their hands.

Naira and Kartik dance. Naksh says Naira please, your face shows you don’t trust me. They all dance. Manish hugs Kirti. Aryan gets the varmala. Kirti sees Naksh. Naira stops Naksh. They all get worried. Naira makes the kalgi right. They get relieved. Naksh bends his head. Kirti makes Naksh wear varmala. Everyone showers flowers. Akhilesh asks Naksh to enjoy his freedom. Naksh also jokes and makes Kirti wear garland. Aryan claps and shouts. Manish stares. Aryan gets back. Everyone congratulates. Naira smiles and hugs Naksh and Kirti.

Kartik goes and cries. Naira comes to him. He says thanks, don’t know what magic you know, you changed my life, even my family’s life, you are a fairy who change lives, Lord sent me to Rishikesh, we know relations made on Gangaghat never break. Aryan says its not my style to be silent after doing good, I will tell everyone, none praises till one self praises, marriage is possible because of me, I didn’t get credit. He sees a man keeping a sherwani. Aryan takes the sherwani and wears it. He says now I look like them, they will hear me now.

Naira sees Naksh with Kirti. Yash says I was in tension when I didn’t find you, and told Naira. Naksh says its okay, I would have not told all that to her, I think this decision is best, I can’t get a girl like Kirti, I just want Naira to believe me and all problems end. Yash and Kartik hug him. Naksh takes selfies. Rajshri asks Naira why is she worried. Naira says no, I m afraid for them, they have seen a lot in life, I wish there is no problem. Rajshri says they will be happy, but it can take time.

Naksh sees Kirti and says if you don’t feel bad, shall I ask something, did you see mirror. She asks am I looking bad. He says no, you are looking beautiful. She smiles. He says sorry, I don’t know giving compliments, you look more beautiful than I thought. She asks did you think of me in bridal clothes. He says yes, some days back. Kartik sees Aryan and asks what are you…. Aryan says I helped your family, did Naira not tell you, laundry room was shut, I opened it, Naksh was in, if I didn’t reach on time, he would have not come, Naira and Yash were finding him and I got him. Kartik asks what are you becoming hero, go and work as staff, I don’t want to hear filmi story, why did you wear sherwani, where is uniform. Aryan says it got damaged. Kartik asks him to get another uniform from manager. Aryan removes sherwani. Kartik says wait, go to manager, change there. He goes. Aryan says someone will be simple in this house, Kartik is like Manish. He sees Suwarna and says I will tell her, maybe she gets happy and gives me money.

Naksh’s sleeve and Kirti’s bangle get stuck. They recall the old moment. Kirti says I remember everything. He says our first meet. She says its first day of our new life. Naira smiles hearing them. She thanks Lord and thinks Naksh was saying true. She goes. She slips. Kartik holds her. Garland falls in her neck. Kartik says its fine, this is not for puja, one garland fell in right place, we forgot to do varmala. He gets in the garland. Kids come. Kartik gets away. Ananya says we want to know who is on whose side. Aryan looks on. Yash says we have to make teams to steal shoes. Aryan says its good chance to get in their family. Naira says I want to be on both sides. Kartik says I didn’t think of this, I also want to be with both. Ananya says we should do something unique. Kartik says yes, but what. Naira thinks.

Yash says Aryan knows we were finding Naksh. Naira says Naksh said true, he said yes to marry Kirti because of me and now… She sees Kartik.

Update Credit to: Amena


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