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Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 12th October 2017 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Natasha asking Tanuja to make her have icecream. Tanuja refuses. Natasha says she will call Papa. Tanuja asks her to call. Natasha says she will call Mr. handsome and he will have her icecream. Tanuja gets upset and says she will make her full stop.

Abhishek asks Servant about Tanuja and is about to call her. When his ex girl friend comes and tries to get closer to him. Servant drops the grocery things. Abhishek asks why did you come here? She says Tanuja didn’t tell me that Servant is at home.

A lady asks Rishi to buy flowers. Rishi says what I will do and offers money. She refuses to take money and asks to buy flowers, says you can give to the person you love. Rishi takes the flowers. Lady says you will get your love. After eating icecream, Natasha asks Tanuja

to get balloon for her. Rishi sees Natasha and Tanuja. He says it was written in love his astrology that he will meet his love today. Tanuja says she is not his love and goes. Abhishek asks the girl to leave and says he is in love with Tanuja. Girl gets upset and goes. Rishi asks the woman to give flower to Tanuja and says she is very beautiful, smiling and angry.

Woman sees Tanuja and give flower to her, gives Rishi’s message. Tanuja throws the flower. Many kids come and give her flowers. Rishi comes infront of her and says sorry. Everyone ask her to forgive Rishi. Rishi thinks everyone knows my love except you. Tanuja says I know and asks Natasha to throw the flowers. She comes home.

Abhishek asks where did she go? She says for shopping. Abhishek says really. Tanuja says she thought to give him some breathing space. Abhishek asks did I tell you that I need breathing space. He says I am not interested in them. Tanuja says sorry. Abhishek thinks he just loves her. Tu safar mera plays…Tanuja asks what happened? He says nothing and thinks to take Maasi’s help. He calls Maasi and asks her to bring Myra also, says he wants to marry someone at the earliest.

Abhishek comes to Rishi’s house to take permission from Raj. Servant asks him to sit. Rishi asks why did you come here. Abhishek asks him not to show right on Tanuja and Natasha. Raj comes and says Netra told me that you came, I felt good. Abhishek says that whatever he has done in the court and he realized, he will divorce Tanuja.

Rishi promises Abhishek that he will bring Tanuja and Natasha to his house before Diwali. Tanuja hears on phone.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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