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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th October 2017 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Kartik seeing the exit. Lights get off. He finds the door shsut. He asks who has locked me in here. Lights get on. He shouts Naira. Manish says this time I m sure of Kirti’s fate and my choice. Suwarna says I wish they both stay happy. Kartik tries to break the door. Naira comes to everyone and sees the pheras going on. Devyaani and Rajshri sign to ask all fine. Naira nods. They smile. Kartik finds a mirror and shouts for help. Suwarna asks where were you. Naira says I was here. Suwarna asks where is Kartik, he will be around, why will anyone go away, are you seeing Kirti’s happiness, its not just of her marriage, its because Manish and Kartik are together, I wish this happiness always stays. Naira nods.

Kirti signs Naira what happened. Naira smiles.

She wishes Kartik could understand this shouldn’t be stopped. Kartik throws things. Wedding rounds complete. Kartik breaks the glass and comes out. He runs. Naksh fills sindoor in Kirti’s maang. Kartik looks on. Pandit says wedding ritual for completed. Kartik gets shocked. They all clap. Naira hugs Naksh and Kirti. Kartik recalls Naksh’s words and gets angry. He thinks of Naira. Kirti holds Naksh’s hand. Kartik stops seeing this and gets back. Naira sees Kartik.

Kids ask Kartik to come. Naira worries. Kirti hugs Kartik and says I can’t tell you how much happy I m, finally this marriage happened. He smiles and nods. Naksh says Kartik, thanks for giving me your sister, I will always keep her happy, I won’t give anyone a reason to complain, don’t take tension, don’t get sad. He hugs Kartik. Kartik looks at Naira. Kirti thanks Naira and Kartik. Naksh says this marriage was possible because of you both. Pandit asks them to take elders’ blessings. Bhabhimaa says my mannat got fulfilled, Naksh got married, I wish Naitik and Akshara could see this day. Bau ji and Devyaani bless them. Rajshri says don’t let this pairing break, Najsh will love Kirti a lot. Kartik sees Naira. Baisa blesses Naksh and Kirti.

Naksh hugs Yash. Dadi hugs them. She says no relation is unique since start, you have to make it such, you both are simple and good. Manish blesses them and says I m glad she is getting a good house. Suwarna says we know Naksh will keep you happy. Manish says Kirti will keep him happy too. Akhilesh and Surekha too bless them. Kids say you are the best Naksh jiju, we love you. Kartik gets angry and goes. Naira goes after them. Bhabhimaa asks Naksh to call Naitik and talk. Rajshri says where did Kartik and Naira go. Ananya says they went that side, Kartik looked emotional. Rajshri says brothers are emotional, Naira will manage him.

Kartik shouts why did you do this …… Naksh calls Naitik and says its not connecting. Dadi says we will do preparations for bidaai. Devyaani asks them to spend time with Kirti, they will do preparations. Naksh goes. Surekha says we didn’t get time in Aditya and Kirti’s marriage.

Akhilesh says yes, we didn’t live this moment that time. Kids ask them to talk. They all get emotional. Suwarna says we can understand our heart talk right now. Manish shows a little house model. Kirti says its my childhood memory, you used to make this for me. Manish says yes, when you grew up and left this behind, I didn’t know, I was thinking what shall I give you, then Nairan suggested this. Kirti says I have many memories with this. Kirti hugs him and cries.

Manish says I want to tell my feelings, I did many mistakes when you needed us, we were not with you, I just want to say, this won’t happen from now on, I promise like I was just yours in childhood, I will always be there for you. Suwarna says not just Papa, mum too, you called me Maa, daughters are close to mum’s heart, I wish you get much love in that house, if you miss us, call us, we will come running to you. Kirti says I know, but its true, new relations can be lovely, but these relations can’t be forgotten and broken. Kartik breaks things and says you cheated Naira, Naksh was helpless to marry Kirti. Naira looks for him. Kartik says I couldn’t do anything seeing Kirti happy…..

Naksh asks Kartik to trust him, he will try to keep Kirti happy. Kartik goes. Naira sees doli and says Dadi, I will also go with everyone…..

Update Credit to: Amena


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