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Chandra Nandini 17th October 2017 Episode Written Update

Nandini asks whether something has happened seeing the blood. Mohini comes out from hiding and says it is her blood. Nandini asks Chandra what is Mohini doing in this room. Mohini tells Chandra that they should tell Nandini the truth.

Mohini says that she came to request Chandra to return Savitri to Bheemdev. Nandini asks Mohini why she was hiding. Mohini says that Chandra told her it was not appropriate to be here at this time so she hid herself. Nandini asks Chandra whether she is saying the truth and Chandra agrees. Nandini asks Chandra why he is playing hide and seek with her and says that she does not like Mohini. Nandini asks Chandra to send Bheemdev and Mohini away.

Nandini leaves and Mohini returns and tells Bheemdev/Chandra that they got saved today. The fake King tells his men to kill Chanakya saying that no one will be able to harm Chandra till Chanakya is with Chandra. Bheemdev tells Mohini that he will not let Chanakya live. Mohini asks Bheemdev why does he not enter Chandra’s body and kill himself so that everyone will think he committed suicide. Bheemdev slaps Mohini and says his soul will be lost if he kills Chandra being in his body.

Mohini asks Bheemdev why he slapped her. Bheemdev tells Mohini to lure Chandra so that Nandini will get insecure. Mohini says she will be the other woman in Nandini’s life. Some princesses see Bindusar doing exercise and praise him. Dharma comes there and Bindusar runs to her and asks Dharam to take off the duppata covering her. Bindusar says it is his duppata and asks her to take it off. Dharam refuses to remove the dupatta. Bindusar sets the duppata on fire while Dharam is still wearing it. Moora comes there and stops the fire and scolds both Dharam and Bindusar for their silliness. Bindusar leaves and Moora tells Dharma that Bindusar did not have a good childhood and lost his mother twice. Nandini meets Bhadra and ask him not to think wrong about Chandra and he will never let him go away.. Bhadra tells Nandini that if his mother was alive she would be just like her. Nandini sees Mohini is Chandra’s room and gets tensed. Nandini is shocked seeing Mohini and Chandra hugging each other. Mohini tells Chandra that Nandini is looking at them with jealousy. Nandini wonders why Chandra is behaving like this and she has to talk to him. Bheemdev asks Mohini to leave. Nandini comes to Chandra’s room and asks him where is Mohini. Nandini asks Chandra not to hide anything. Bheemdev leaves Chandra’s body. Nandini says that he and Mohini were so close. Chandra says that he loves only her and he was all alone in his room. Chandra thinks Nandini is hallucinating again. Nandini confronts Mohini and asks her why she went to Chandra’s room. Mohini says that she was in her own room. Mohini does drama in front of them and tells Bheemdev that she can never cheat him. Bheemdev asks Chandra to spare his other wife. Chandra tells Nandini that she is having hallucinations. Nandini is distraught. Bheemdev and Mohini smirk. Dharma hears two people conspiring to kill Chanakya. Dharma thinks to inform Chandra about this. The men see Dharam and run after her. The men catch Dharma and kidnap her saying she has to be killed as she has come to know their plan. The men tie up Dharma and think what to do with her. One man says that they will but Dharam in Ravan’s idol so that she will get burnt with the Idol. Nandini thinks that all this must be some conspiracy. Mohini is happy being so close to Chandra.

Precap: Chandra tells Nandini that he is in love with both her and Mohini. Amatya tells the fake King that he will soon become the king of Magadh.



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