Ishqbaaz 17th October 2017 Episode Written Update

Ishqbaaz Episode starts with Khujli Pasha pointing a gun at everyone. Ajay eyes Gauri as she dances, Dilpreet gets angry and pulls her in his arms. Some time back… A group of Qawwali singers start singing qawwali (Parda hai Parda) around Shivaay, Shivaay gets confused and irritated, Anika enjoys.

One of the lady singers flirts with Shivaay. The man asks whose love is true, Laila or Majnu, Shivaay says both Laila and Majnu’s love was true, Anika gets impressed. One of the air hostess drinks and speaks rudely to Shivaay saying it is her last day. Sundari Bua gets hungry and asks for food, Air Hostess says the flight is delayed due to congestion. Khujli Pasha comes and informs Sundari that there is police in the flight. Anika sees her and gets shocked.

Sundari also sees Anika and gets shocked. Sundari bumps into Shivaay but hides her face. Anika sits next to Shivaay, he questions her for exchanging sit with his co-passenger. Shivaay addresses her as Anika, she says her name is Anisa. Shivaay and Anika argue over Anika’s Urdu. Shivaay gets determined to make Anisa agree that she is Anika. The flight takes off, Anika gets scared and holds Shivaay’s hand, he holds her hand. Dilpreet delivers the chunris and asks for the payment.

Gupta says he can pay only if the Chunris get sold. Dilpreet argues with Gupta for Gauri. Gupta taunts about Dilpreet’s closeness with Gauri, Dilpreet holds Gupta’s neck, Gupta pays him, Both Gupta and Dilpreet warn each other. The air hostess behaves rudely with Sundari over food. Khujli Pasha warns Sundari about the diamond braces. Shivaay takes Tobasco sauce for food, Anika remembers that he has allergy from it and realizes that he is doing it purposely, she gets confused and worried. Dilpreet comes with all the gifts to be given to Richa’s in-laws, Gauri gets surprised. Dilpreet gives remaining money to Gauri, she gets happy and thanks him. Dilpreet asks Gauri not to say thank you. Gauri ties Friendship Band on Dilpreet’s hand, Dilpreet gets emotional. He hopes to become a good husband of Gauri. Anika stops Shivaay, he asks Anika to accept that she is Anika, Khujli Pasha says she is his Mona. They argue with each other. Anika pushes Sundari, her diamond braces fall off. Engagement ceremony starts, Richa’s mother in law praises the arrangements, Ajay eyes Gauri, Dilpreet sees him. Dilpreet warns Ajay to be away from Gauri. Rudra’s girlfriend demands for entertainment, both dance around Bhavya and irritate her. Rudra’s girlfriend gets pushed into the cockpit. Airhostess warns about the bad weather. The Roka starts, Gauri asks Richa’s mother in law to fix the wedding date, Ajay says this wedding cannot take place, all get shocked. Ajay says the wedding cannot take place till Gauri doesn’t give sweets to guests. Richa’s mother in law says that nothing can happen untill Ajay agrees, Gauri gives sweets to Ajay, he asks her to feed him, Gauri feels awkward, Ajay holds her hand, Dilpreet gets angry, Gauri frees her hand and walks off. Khujli Pasha searches for diamond braces, Anika puts them in Shivaay’s pocket. Khujli Pasha takes Air Marshal’s gun and points at everyone. All get shocked. Richa’s roka takes place, Ajay asks for music and asks Gauri to dance. Ajay dances with Gauri, Dilpreet sees angrily. Ajay opens Gauri’s dress strings, Dilpreet pulls her in his arms, Gauri gets confused, he ties her dress strings, Ajay sees them. Dilpreet dances in front of Ajay and warns him. Shukla pulls Tej and tells something in his ears, Abhay watches them. Senior Oberois walk off, Abhay asks Shukla to reveal what he told Tej, Shukla goes in coma again, Abhay follows senior Oberois. Ajay talks to Gauri and peaises her, Gauri’s mother takes Dilpreet for some work. Ajay tells Gauri that she has won his heart and that he wants to marry her. Gauri gets shocked, Ajay says he knows that she is married and knows everything about her marriage that was only for namesake. Ajay says he is ready to take the responsibility of Gauri and her mother. Ajay warns Gauri that her negative response can break Richa’s wedding. He asks Gauri to give her answer ont he next day.


Gauri tells Ajay that she is not confused and that her answer is No. Gauri says she is not ready to get married again as she has been in love.


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