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Kasam Tere Pyar Ki: New Entry Will Create Trouble Between Tanuja & Rishi

Colors’ popular drama Kasam recently witnessed a new entry to create trouble in Rishi (Sharad Malhotra) and Tanu’s (Kratika Sengar) life.

New entrant Myra (Rini Das) will be Abhishek’s (Amit Tandon) cousin and will be paired opposite Rishi.

In the coming episode, Abhishek will decide to propose Tanuja and hence, he will invite her aunt and sister Myra to India.

When they will land in the city, few goons will attack them. Rishi will come as a saviour and save Abhishek’s aunt and sister. In the fight, Rishi will get injured. She will take him to Abhishek’s place and would tell Tanuja to apply turmeric paste on his wounds.

Meanwhile, Nethra will learn about Rishi’s fight and she will be worried about Rishi and would tell Manpreet to call and ask about his whereabouts. Manpreet will learn that he is at Tanuja’s place, but she would lie to Nethra.

Furthermore, Abhishek will tell Tanuja that Rishi is pretending to be hurt, but she will tell him that he is genuinely in pain; Tanuja would prepare paratha for Rishi and will tell him to eat.

Later, Rishi will tell Abhishek’s aunt that he is unmarried because the woman he loves does not love him. Rohit will ask Abhishek what he will do if Rishi is successful in winning Tanuja back.

Will Rishi be able to win Tanuja’s heart?


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