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SBS Ishqbaaz: Shivay Ne Kiya Pyar Ki Izhar


Shivay and Anika have landed in some field. Shivay recovers first and goes in search of Anika. He finds ANika bleeding and unconscious. Shivay tries to revive Anika but she does not get conscious at all.

Shivaay gets very scared and starts to cry, in desperation and in fear, he yells out that he loves Anika, holding her tightly in his arms.

On the other side, Rudra and Bhavya are making their own way and are lost in the jungle. Bhavya with her usual efficiency gets watermelon from somewhere and begins eating it. She offers a slice to Rudra who declines it.

Then Rudra imagines Bhavya walking towards him romantically and feeding him melon.

There’s a brief interview of Nakuul Mehta, Surbhi Chandna which is all fun and masti. There’s also IV of Leenesh Mattoo and Manasi







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