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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th October 2017 Written Update

The Episode starts with Naksh getting Kirti to room. They see the decorations. The light goes. Khoyi khoyi….plays…. He asks her to change and relax, the marriage is tiring for a bride. She smiles. She slips. He holds her. They have an eyelock. Naira prays for Naksh and Kirti’s new life. She says I should get courage to explain Kartik. She sees Kartik coming home and shouting Naksh. Bhabhimaa asks what happened. Naksh comes and asks is everything fine. Kartik slaps him. Naira shouts no and looks around. She prays to Lord.

Naira does arrangements. She looks at the door. Ananya gives her silver plates. Naira sees her face in the plate. She says you have always seen me when I got ready, today I feel I will see your hatred and anger, don’t know how will I face it,

why is my heart restless, waiting to see you or by worry of your reaction. Bhabhimaa welcomes guests. Rajshri sees Naira and worries. Goenkas come. Naira and Rajshri look for Kartik. Naira cries. Suwarna looks around. Naira thinks where is Kartik. Bhabhimaa asks Naira to welcome her family.

Naira welcomes Goenkas. Dadi says Kartik will come, Guru ji called him for some work, he went there. Suwarna asks Naira to come back soon, she will manage everything. She hugs Naira and goes. Naira says its strange day, I wanted to meet you, now I feel its fine if you come late. Manish says nice decorations. Suwarna smiles. She says I know you are waiting to see Kirti, even I want to see her happiness. He says I felt I did her bidaai in true sense.

Dadi comes to Naira. Naira smiles and turns to her. She asks did you like everything. Dadi says its very nice. Naira says you would be missing Kirti. Dadi asks did you talk to Kartik. Naira says yes, but he was busy. Dadi says he just listens to you. Aryan says I got a job, but also this uniform. He sends the servants. He likes the grand house and says they are super rich, I have scope in two rich houses, impression on them won’t have depression, I will work, they do perfect decoration. He falls and shouts Maa. Suwarna helps him. He collides with Manish. Manish scolds him. Suwarna signs Aryan to go and talks to Manish. Aryan thanks her and says she is so good, she saved me as mums saves sons from dads. Naira gets Naksh and Kirti. Everyone smiles. Aryan shouts that he has to take a pic. Manish stares at him. Aryan gets back. Dadi asks Kirti to be with her sasural first. Naira says no, you have first right on her. Kirti hugs Suwarna and others. Yeh rishta….plays…..

Manish asks Naksh to always keep Kirti smiling. Naksh says I can just promise to keep her happy. Suwarna says we completely trust you. Kirti asks where is Kartik. Surekha says he will just come. Dadi worries. Naksh sees Naira worried. Naira waits for Kartik. She tells Ananya that they will first sing and then give the surprise. She says Kartik and I planned that surprise together, I wish he comes soon. Ananya teases Naksh and Kirti. They all sing dil se bandhi ek dor……. Naira dances. They all dance. Kartik walks in. Kirti and Naksh dance with everyone. Naira takes rounds and falls. Kartik holds her in arms.

Naksh asks why are you behaving like this with Naira. Kartik asks what did you do with Kirti, I have seen your and Yash video, you have married Kirti unwillingly.

Update Credit to: Amena


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