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Ishqbaaz 20th October 2017 Episode Written Update

Ishqbaaz 20th October 2017 Episode starts with Shivaay questioning Senior Oberois about the fire in the Kalyani Mills. Shivaay asks Shukla about Kalyani Mills fire. Some time back… Anika wakes up alone and looks for Shivaay. He comes and says he had gone to find a way.

Rudra wakes up and looks for Bhavya. Rudra finds her making soup for Rudra and says she got help from Forest Officers. Forest Officer guides them to the vehicle, Rudra is told to sit behind, Rudra gets irritated with the stinking smell. Senior Oberois get worried as Shivaay talks to them about getting mislead by them to Goa. Shivaay tells them about the flight crash. Shivaay asks them about Kalyani Mils fire and Shukla getting attacked in Oberoi Mansion. Shivaay demands to know the truth about Senior Oberois’ connection with Kalyani Mills fire.

Tej says that someone is using Shivaay against them. Shakti insists that Kalyani Mills Fire was an accident. Shivaay tells Anika that he is feeling bad for accusing his own family. Senior Oberois discuss that Kalyani Mills fire was an accident. Anika tells Shivaay to trust his family. Shakti feels that they should get prepared to answer Shivaay’s questions but Shivaay should not know beyond the fact that Senior Oberois were not involved in the fire accident. Shivaay gets a call from Shukla, he calls Shivaay to meet him about Kalyani Mills secret.

Shukla comes to meet Shivaay and Anika and tells them that Senior Oberois were not involved in the fire accident based on the security tapes. Shukla says someone has stolen one tape to misuse it, Shukla gets scared to tell the name but warns Shivaay about the blackmailer. Shivaay and Anika feel happy, both decide to nail down the blackmailer. Abhay reaches the repair shop, the owner says he repaired the tape and sent it to the Oberoi Mansion, Abhay gets angry and warns the man to get the tape back. Abhay decides to reach the Oberoi Mansion, the delivery man hands over the tape to a servant, Dadi asks him to open the parcel, Dadi sees the tape and asks the servant to play it. Dadi leaves to get some work done, senior Oberois gather around the TV, Abhay informs Tanya to get the tape, Tanya gets worried and goes near the TV to get the tape, Pinky questions her. Tanya drops a vase, Abhay reaches and covers Tanya, she gets the tape. Pinky notices a wound on Abhay’s forehead and questions him, he covers up. Dadi gets annoyed as all forget the Diwali work. Shivaay and Anika come, Shivaay apologizes to senior Oberois for suspecting them. Rudra and Bhavya reach back home. Dadi misses Omkara and Gauri. Omkara feels sad about Gauri’s decision to marry Ajay. Omkara gets a call from Shivaay’s video call and decides to hide the pain. Shivaay tells Omkara to be back before Diwali as everyone is missing him. Everyone gathers as someone bursts crackers in Oberoi Mansion, Khanna goes to check, Bhavya sees someone behind a pole, Rudra scares everyone. Rudra says it was only the noise of crackers. Dadi scolds Rudra, Shivaay remembers their Diwali in childhood. Anika gets sad remembering about her Diwali, Shivaay comes and questions her, Anika hides it and tells Shivaay that he doesn’t tell her everything. Anika asks Shivaay to say what he screamed in the jungle. Shivaay refuses to say it. Gauri cries remembering Omkara and says to Mata Rani that she agreed to marry Ajay only for Richa, but she cannot marry anyone unless Omkara says that he doesn’t love her and has no value for their relationship and till he doesn’t free her from their relationship. Gauri wonders if she should talk to Omkara and prays, Mata Rani gives a signal, Gauri decides to talk to Omkara. Abhay checks the tape for a proof, the tape has no sound. Abhay gets annoyed, he sees a man crying while his father angry in the tape. Tanya wishes Abhay a Happy Diwali and offers him sweets, Abhay throws the sweet and screams at Tanya. Omkara decides to go away from Gauri so that she can marry happily, Gauri thinks that she will meet Omkara and take a decision. Tanya cries, Abhay tells her to leave, Tanya tells Abhay that he is not capable of real love and decides to leave, Abhay tries to stop her saying that he needs her, Tanya doesn’t stay and leaves. Gauri reaches Oberoi Mansion, Abhay stops her and recognizes her, Abhay says Omkara has left a note for her in his room, Gauri goes to Omkara’s room, Abhay smirks. Gauri reads the note which says that Gauri should leave as there is no place in Omkara’s life fora characterless girl like Gauri, Gauri cries. Rudra and Bhavya taunt each other over age, Rudra tells Bhavya to follow her and scares her with cracker sound in the phone, Rudra holds her in his arms. Gauri feels sad, Abhay decides to add poison in the relations of Oberoi family. Abhay decides not to celebrate Diwali till his father doesn’t get justice and to find the details of the fourth person in the tape. Abhay decides to be back with all the preparations.


Shivaay tells Anika to not get angry on the festival day, Anika says he should not break someone’s heart on a festival day. Shivaay shows Anika’s Chaand bracelet as her Diwali gift and makes her wear it.


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