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Chandra Nandini 23rd October 2017 Episode Written Update

Chandra is confused as to why he cannot remember meeting Chanakya. Chandra meets Nandini and thinks not to tell her anything.  Mohini thinks that she cannot stay away from Chandra any longer.

Bheemdev comes there and Mohini asks him where is Chandra. Bheemdev thinks that he should not know that when he was in Chandra’s body he had alcohol. Mohini thinks that Bheemdev should not know about her coming close to Chandra. Mohini says that they should end their drama soon or else she will leave. Bheemdev ask her whether she has any plan. Mohini asks Bheemdev to enter Chandra’s body and then she will tell her plan. Nandini ties a holy thread for Chandra.

Chandra thinks that Nandini might worry for her and he should find solution for his problem himself. Chandra tells Nandini that he had a dream that she came close to him. Chandra asks whether his dream will come true. Nandini says she cannot say anything. Chandra is very confused with past incidents. Chandra thinks that he is acting like two different people. Chandra wonders why he cannot remember his discussion with Chanakya. Mohini comes to his room and thinks she will make Chandra hers completely.

Chandra thinks it is Nandini and eh tells her that he thinks he will go crazy. Mohini tries to seduce him. Chandra asks her how dare she came close to her. Mohini wonders why he is behaving this way. Chandra asks soldiers to take her away. Dharma falls in Bindusar’s arms. Helena comes there and asks Bindusra how come the two of them were not in the palace previous night. Bindusar say that Panditji asked them to stay back. Helena asks Dharam to leave as she has to talk to Bindusar.


2 thoughts on “Chandra Nandini 23rd October 2017 Episode Written Update Leave a comment

  1. Nice writing. Thanks for the sharing. Chandra is confused as to why he can not remember meeting Chanakya.This is good sign. Thinking about himself. Future he can save himself. He is a wonderful knowledge brave King Chandra.💖


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