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Ek Deewana Tha 23rd October 2017 Episode Written Update

Some puja is going on. A guy asks Swami ji to come for havan. It is time. Everyone is waiting. Swami ji says it cannot start without the one for whom even Mata is waiting.

A car is shown. A guy gets down and runs up the steps of the temple bare footed. He has a small pot of burning coals in each of his hands. He gets wounded while running but does not stop. He falls down near Mata’s idol thereby breaking the pots right under her feet. I wont give you any chance to not fulfil my wish today. My love is my dedication. I wont give you any chance to not fulfil it today. He stands up, lifts burning coals and holds them in his hands. He even walks over some pieces while walking towards the idol. He rings the bell. You are upset with me as I am an atheist. I don’t believe in you. I never

prayed to you, bent down my head before you or folded my hands before you but now I am doing everything with all my heart since last 2 years. I am doing all that she had taught me. Why aren’t you listening to me then? She always told me not to tell God how big my problems are but tell them how big our God is! Nothing is going right with her since last 2 years though.

A girl calls out to Vyom. She is praying. Vyom is taking her picture. She suggests him to fold his head and bend his head if he wants to ask something from someone. He tells her he needs no God till he has her. She smiles. Have you ever listened to yourself? You seem to be a poet more. He says something in his favour.

Vyom requests the Goddess to save his Sharanya. She is breathing but not living. She never lost to life but is going to lose out to death today. Doctors are saying that she is about to die. She has always believed in you. I have Sharanya’s heart. I am standing before you also because of Sharanya. Please save my Sharanya.

Doc apologizes to Mr. And Mrs. Bisht. There is no hope of Sharanya surviving. She is gradually going in Coma. It’s been 2 years. Mrs. Bisht cries. She is still breathing. Mr. Bisht is also crying. She must be in so much pain but she cannot tell or share anything. All 4 of us are fighting with this death with her. There cannot be a bigger curse for a parent than this. I have decided that we will let her go. His wife cries. They both breakdown. Mr. Bisht tells his wife and son to understand.

Vyom says if anything happens to my Sharanya today then I will burn everything down.

Mrs. Bisht requests her husband not to do it (signing the formality papers). He still signs them.

Vyom says give Sharanya her life seeing my pain. Prove that you are not just a stone.

Doctor is about to stop all the machines. Her family looks on. Right then, windows open. The monitor plays continuous beeping sound. The coals in Vyom’s hands douse on their own. He wears his spectacles and looks at Mata’s idol once before leaving from there.

Vyom reaches hospital and rushes to ICU. A nurse pats at his shoulder. Vyom is also moved to tears as he goes inside. Sharanya is talking to her parents. Vyom turns but Mr. Bisht notices him. Doc calls it the biggest miracle of his career. Mrs. Bisht gives credit to Vyom. Sharanya is back with us because of his tapasya only. Whenever we used to give up and had lost, it was Vyom who made us believe that Sharanya will come back to us. Sharanya gets up and walks up to him but she passes out. Vyom helps her lie down. Doc says it is because of medicines. Don’t worry.

Vyom calls his father to give him the good news. His father guesses it from his voice that Sharanya is out of coma. Shall we throw a party? Vyom agrees to give it once Sharanya is back on her feet. Vyom thanks him for everything. His father tells him to take good care of Sharanya and himself. They end the call. Vyom’s mother does not look pleased. Her husband says I just spoke of party and you are already partying. She reminds him that they have lost their son because of Sharanya. He advises her to calm down and be happy for their son. we are a happy family after all. He leaves. She throws the alcohol and burns the glass. You can light diyas of happiness for your son and I will light the deathbed of my wishes.

Sharanya is sleeping. Vyom thinks of how she has given him a reason to live. The time, which I spent without you, was also spent thinking about you. A guy delivers a bouquet to Vyom. There is a small shayari on it. Vyom chases the guy but he drives away.

Sharanya is all alone in her room. Windows open on their own. Sharanya sits up. She is shown walking on the rooftop next (sleepwalking). Vyom notices her from downstairs and is stunned. He runs to save her, stumbles in his step but does not stop. Sharanya reaches the edge of the roof. A guy’s image is formed near one of the poles. Vyom breaks open the door and runs to stop Sharanya. The image (or soul) keeps looking at Sharanya. Vyom pulls her back. She is back in her senses. Vyom hugs her. What were you doing? I have got you after much difficulty. I cannot lose you now. You will spend the rest of life with me now. I am because of you. I am nothing if you aren’t there. No third person will come between us after now. The soul says some shayari about love and separation.

Precap: Vyom tells Sharanya there will be no third person between them now. She pushes him aside. Vyom falls down. Sharanya comes downstairs. She notices something on the window and keeps her hand on it. She hears a voice and shouts.

Update Credit to: Pooja


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