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Ishqbaaz 23rd October 2017 Episode Written Update

Ishqbaaz 23rd October 2017  Episode starts with Anika following Shivaay’s instructions and finding chocolates, toys. I Love You lights up and Shivaay is seen. Some time back… Anika and Bhavya make Rangoli, Bhavya gets hesitant, Anika consoles her. Bhavya and Anika talk about their Diwali in childhood.

Anika says she used to start preparing for Diwali a year in advance being in the Orphanage. Anika says she used to collect used up Diyas to use next year in Diwali. Anika and Bhavya get emotional, Shivaay overhears their conversation and feels sad. Anika says she used to love chocolates but never used to get any. Bhavya hugs Anika and consoles her. Jhanvi gets scared by sudden cracker noise, she scolds Rudra. Rudra scares Khanna, Khanna gets scared, Rudra laughs at Khanna.

Anika gets shocked to see her cupboard empty, she questions Shivaay. Suddenly Anika sees her clothes in Shivaay’s room and gets surprised. Shivaay says his room belongs to her as well. Shivaay says Tanya can never take Anika’s place and apologizes to Anika. They both wonder about Tanya, they think she must have left. Anika asks Shivaay about the love confession, Shivaay avoids the topic. Anika says she is no more interested in his confession, Shivaay tells Anika not to be sad on the festival day and gifts her the Chand bracelet.

Shivaay makes Anika wear the bracelet. Dadi misses Gauri as Gauri should have been there to make Rangoli of Godess Laxmi’s feet, Gauri overhears and thinks of doing it for Dadi. Bhavya says she will make the feet. Shivaay and Anika get ready for Diwali Puja, Shivaay praises Anika about looking beautiful, Anika remains annoyed. Anika shows Laddoo as the gift for Shivaay. Shivaay gets shocked and worried as Anika has made the Laddoo. Gauri makes the Rangoli and walks away, Bhavya gets surprised. Anika makes Shivaay eat the laddoos, Shivaay makes faces and stops her from giving them to others. Shivaay surprises Anika with Sahil’s arrival, Anika feels happy, they hug. Oberoi family gather for Puja, Pinky tells Shivaay to do the Aarti, Tej says Omkara will do, since Omkara is missing Rudra will do the Puja. Tej and Pinky fight. Shivaay moves ahead, Rudra joins him, Omkara joins Shivaay and Rudra. Gauri sees them from hiding. Shivaay, Omkara, and Rudra perform Aarti together. After them, Shivaay and Anika do the Aarti. Rudra says it is time for fun, Shivaay and Anika tease each other. Gauri suddenly sees Omkara in front of her and gets shocked, she turns, Omkara sees her dupatta catching fire, Omkara calls out, Gauri runs, Omkara follows, Omkara puts the fire off, Gauri hides her face, Gauri sneaks away. Anika sees a note in her room saying follow the light. She sees the light trail and follows it. Anika sees a chocolate fountain and gets surprised, she sees the toys, a dollhouse and gets emotional. Suddenly the chocolates are showered on Anika, words I Love You lit up with lights, Shivaay comes in front of Anika, she feels extremely happy.


Shivaay says he will fulfill all wishes of Anika and that they will make new memories, Shivaay gets close to Anika.


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