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Chandra Nandini 24th October 2017 Episode Written Update

Chandra thinks about Nandini. Chandra asks Nandini whether she is trying to come close to him. Chandra coaxes Nandini to remember their past. Nandini says that she is feeling restless. Nandini tells Chandra to wait till tonight and she will give him his gift.

Helena interrupts him. Helena says that he took away Bindusar’s position but he should return yuvraaj position to him. Nandini agrees and says that Chandra should return the yuvraaj position or else people will think that there is a problem between father and son. Chandra says that he cannot return the position till Dharma forgives him. Helena thinks that Dharma has to get out of the way if Bindusar has to become the king. Nandini meets Dharma and asks her to meet Chandra and tell him that she has forgiven Bindusar.

Charumati thinks that if Dharma forgives Bindusar then she will come closer to him. Charumati thinks to make Bindusar hates Dharma even more. Mohini asks Bheemdev to come up with a solution. Bheemdev says that anything which is God’s sign will stop them from entering Chandra’s body. Bheemdev says that he drank alcohol after entering Chandra’s body and Mohini scolds him. Mohini says she has to go Chandra. Chandra waits for Nandini. Mohini comes there and Chandra scolds her for coming back.

Mohini begs forgiveness from Chandra.  Chandra finally forgives Mohini. Mohini sees the holy thread on Chandra’s wrist and she understands why they are unable to enter his body. Mohini says she will never return to him and goes away. Charumati tells Bindusar that she has heard that he cannot become king till Dharma does not forgive him. Charumati instigates Bindusar against Dharma. Charumati does drama and asks Bindusra whether he will leave her after becoming king. Bindusar gets angry and says that he hates Dharma. Charumati gets happy. Chandra looks for Nandini. Mohini manages to take off the thread form Chandra’s wrist and shows the thread to Bheemdev and tells him that this prevented them from entering his body. Bheemdev says he will enter his body again but Mohini stops him and says that they have to make a big plan. Mohini says that they will have to enter Chandra’s body for a long time. Bheemdev says that their body may get discovered. Mohini says that they will have to do this task far away from the palace. Mohini says that this time she will enter Chandra’s body. Nandini hides from Chandra and asks him to search for her.  Chandra finds Nandini and says that he feels like giving her a gift. Chandra asks Nandini to tell what is in her heart. Nandini says that what she feels for him she has never felt before. Chandra gets possessed by Mohini’s spirit. Nandini is about to express her love but Chandra leaves from there. Bindusar confronts Dharma and scolds her. Bindusar says that he will refuse Chandra to make him king. Adonis says that he is the only one unmarried and dadi says she will get his marriage done. Chandra comes there and starts beating Bheemdev. Chandra tells soldiers to throw out Bheemdev. Dadi scolds Chandra but Chandra tells her not to interfere. Chandra insults Dadi and Bhadra asks him not to. Chandra slaps Bhadra and calls him shameless. Chandra says that anyone who goes against him will get punished. Chandra leaves and Nandini tells the family that she has told the doctor about Chandra’s condition. Nandini asks family to forgive Chandra’s behavior.

Precap: Bindusar tells Chandra that his decision to remove prisoners is wrong. Chandra scolds Bindusar for questioning his decision. Chandra asks Bindusar to be thrown in jail.


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