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Ishqbaaz 24th October 2017 Episode Written Update

Ishqbaaz 24th October 2017  Episode starts with Shivaay telling Omkara to fight for his love, Anika says they have to stop a wedding, Shivaay and Rudra turn Sardars, Anika turns Dadi, Bhavya Punjabi girl, Shivika Ruvya dance around Gauri and Omkara on Mehendi Lagake Rakhna.

Omkara tells Gauri that he wants to take her back as Mrs. Omkara Singh Oberoi. Some time back… Anika sees lit up I Love You and Shivaay, Anika gets overwhelmed. Shivaay says he will fulfill her every wish and he and she will make new memories, Anika cries happily. Anika tells Shivaay to say that he loves her, Shivaay kisses Anika’s forehead, Shivaay and Anika lie down with each other, Shivaay says I Love You to Anika, she blushes. Anika calls Shivaay shy, Shivaay pulls her close with her neckpiece, Anika gets in Shivaay’s arms, both share a close moment.

Rudra says they all will play Truth or Dare game. Bottle points at Shivaay, he chooses Truth, Anika asks to give real reaction about the Laddoos made by her, Shivaay praises Anika and avoids answering, Anika feels happy. Rudra gets the next turn, Bhavya gives him a box and asks him to open it. Rudra gets scared to see a bomb inside, all get shocked and pass it on to each other, the bomb bursts and showers confetti. All get close happily.

Next turn comes on Omkara, Shivaay aks reveal the truth about his relationship with Gauri. Omkara says everything is over between him and Gauri as she is getting married to someone else. Omkara says he never cared for her and hence he has lost her. Everyone consoles Omkara and tries to boost Omkara to fight for Gauri. Anika says they have to stop the wedding. Gauri gets in the function with a broken heart, Ajay’s mother says Ajay only wants Gauri and nothing else. Gauri thinks she is marrying Ajay only for the sake of Richa, Gauri hopes Richa’s wedding happens before her so that she can escape without getting married. Omkara aka Dilpreet comes and meets Gauri’s mother. Gauri’s mother says today is Gauri’s Roka. He sees Gauri and questions Gauri about the wedding. Dilpreet says she has taken the right decision if she is happy. Dilpreet says he had gone to his home to celebrate Diwali. Gauri remembers Oberoi family. Dilpreet says he has got surprise for her, his family has come to meet her. Shivaay enters as Sardar, Rudra enters as Armyman Sardar, Anika enters as an old lady, Bhavya enters as Sardarni. Shivaay, Anika, Bhavya and Rudra dance on Mehendi Lagake Rakhna around Omkara and Gauri, Gauri recognizes them. Anika suddenly dances with full energy, Shivaay gets tensed and alerts her. Omkara dances around Gauri, she takes him aside to a quiet place and scolds Omkara. Gauri cries bitterly, Omkara tells her that he has realized all his mistakes and apologizes to her. Omkara gets emotional, both Omkara and Gauri cry. Omkara questions Gauri about the wedding, Omkara says he cannot live without her and that he needs her. Omkara says he is going to take her back with full respect as Mrs. Omkara Singh Oberoi.


Omkara says there is no difference in love and devotion for him, Gauri says he should think before saying such a big thing, Omkara tells Gauri that he loves her and pulls her in his arms to say I Love You.


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