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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th October 2017 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Naira tying thread to the tree and praying for Kartik’s new work. She prays their misunderstanding and distance ends. She sees a couple. She messages Kartik that she came to temple to wish for his success and happiness, and wishes he was with her. She says we will be here, it feels good. Rajshri says I understand you don’t want to show sorrow at home, its not good to run away from problems. Naira says I don’t know what to do. Rajshri says this happens with women, they have to deal with many things, even then we women never accept defeat, Kartik is not talking, but I m sure you can explain him, you will find some solution. Kartik says I wish you were with me, I really miss you, I m so much hurt because of you, but my heart wants to talk to you.


drives close to his car and says Kartik can I talk to you, I m calling you since morning, talk to me please. Kartik drives ahead. Naksh follows and says please put car aside, you have to listen to me. Kartik gets angry and races the car. Naksh gets worried.

Aryan comes to temple and says they have sent driver and made me driver, no one can make me work against my will. Suwarna gets down the car. Kids collide. Aryan holds the plate. She thanks him and apologizes for talking in a wrong way. He says its fine, you go and do puja, your son is lucky to get mum like you. She asks him to take care of kids. Suwarna and Surekha go. Aryan says I m listening to them only because I have to stay here. Naira sits in temple. Kartik sees the flowers. He reads the note.

Pandit takes the plates from Suwarna and Surekha. Water falls in one plate. He shifts the things. Envelop flies to Naira. She picks it. She looks around. She thinks to check it. Suwarna sees Naira opening the envelop and thinks my son’s photo with Naira. Naira drops the papers. Suwarna comes running and stops Naira. She sees some legal papers in her hand. She thinks where is her son’s pic. Kartik sees Aryan’s photo. Naira asks Suwarna why is she worried.

Suwarna asks about envelop. Naira says this flew, its Kartik’s new project papers, did you get these. Suwarna recalls Kartik. Kartik says but how did Suwarna get Aryan’s photo, maybe he gave it for a job, he is idiot and doesn’t know resume is required for job, not photo. Naira says you came to pray for Kartik’s new project right, what’s there to hide. Rajshri greets her. Naira says Suwarna got the new project papers to keep in puja. Suwarna thinks it means Kartik has the photo. Naira says I will go and give papers to Kartik. Rajshri says we have sent car. Suwarna says we have the car, Aryan got us here. Surekha asks Naira to take kids. Naira thanks Lord for giving this chance. Everyone decides preparations for puja. Kirti asks how can I help. They all involve Kirti. Devyaani says we all do decorations together. Kirti thinks I don’t know anything.

Kids ask Naira to come home, they miss her. Naira hugs them and says I will come soon. He says where did papers go. He reads Surekha’s message that they got his papers and they are sending it to him, if he got Suwarna’s envelop by mistake. He replies her that he didn’t have any such envelop. Suwarna says thank God, sorry to use Surekha’s phone, I will go home and check well. Kids surprise and hug Kartik. He asks what’s the surprise. He sees Naira. Kids go. Lagta hai…..plays………….. She gives the papers. She says you have meeting today, I was in meeting, Surekha asked me to get this. He thanks her. She says I came here to meet you. She says it will be our first diwali after marriage, we got united forever in last diwali. He recalls. She wishes he calls her back. He thinks I m bearing more punishment, my fear and pain are not leaving him. She prays.

Suwarna asks servants about an envelop. They say they didn’t get it. She thinks where did it go. She says what will I say if anyone asks about the pic. Naira sees Aryan’s photo and says I will give him. He says ask him not to act smart, if I tell anything…. She asks shall I leave now. He calls her out. She smiles. He says no need to do all this. She says your anger is justified, my hope is also justified, please don’t snatch it from me. He asks what about my hope, shall I tell Kirti that her hope ended. She says I m not able to make you believe, maybe you are right, we will tell truth to Kirti. She calls Kirti. He looks on.

Kids say we want our diwali gift. Kartik says I have work in office. Naira says we will go and do shopping, Kartik will come if he gets free. Kartik comes. Naira leaves from the market.

Update Credit to: Amena


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