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EK Deewana Tha 25th October 2017 Episode Written Update

Sharanya notices something on the window and keeps staring at it. She caresses the window and shouts seeing a hand appear on the window. She shouts in shock. Vyom comes in the room but Sharanya is unconscious. The soul seems to be breathing there (on the window). Vyom keeps shouting for the doctor.

Doc assures Vyom there is nothing to worry. He insists she has been shouting badly. Doc reasons she would take some time to be normal again. You were after my life in the past 2 years when she was unconscious and now you are worrying like this. Just have some patience. Nurse jokes that the patients, who are lovers, are not exactly patient. Doc agrees. Vyom caresses Sharanya’s head but stops recalling her words. I would die if I go away from you. These 2 years have created lot many distances

between us but I can feel your pain. I wish you could bear the pain of the one you love. He says good night to her and goes outside.

Sharanya is sleeping. Her duvet moves on its own. She turns in her sleep. Same tune is played. The duvet flies away. She wakes up feeling cold. She calls out for her family but gets no reply. The corridor is deserted when she comes out to check on them. She comes in the next ward but it is empty. She keeps a hand on the railing of a bed. Someone else follows suit. Someone seems to walk past her all this while. She comes downstairs. She finds many locked rooms there. Lights begin to flicker as she turns to go. She turns sensing someone’s presence but cannot see anyone. She demands to know who is there and sees feeble images. She starts running but stumbles in her step. She finally sees a guy walk up to her and wakes up screaming.

It was her dream. Vyom panics. Sharanya hugs him in fear. He tells her it is ok (without touching her) and gives her water. She asks about her father. He shares that he sent them home. She nods recalling it. He tells her to rest. I am right outside if you need anything. She tells him to stay here if he wants. I don’t know you but you seem to be a nice guy. Vyom smiles as he takes a seat near her. She apologizes to him for her rude behaviour. I don’t remember you or your love at all. I can see how much you take care of my family like your own. You have looked after them for 2 years. I am really thankful for that but I don’t feel that kind of connection when I see or meet you. I don’t trust it for the same reason. Vyom says I too dint believe in love but you taught me how to love. Just give me some time. I will help you understand it too. She tells him not to keep any expectations. He assures her he will do everything with a pure heart. I have started praying to God like you taught me. You also taught me that God hears our honest prayers. Rest now. She tells him not to smile. I asked you to stay back as I was scared. I know whom to trust. He agrees to accept it as she is insisting so much. She lies down. Don’t you wish to sleep? He tells her he

Vyom’s mother is watching them from outside. Sharanya is back now but my son is stuck for life. I don’t understand if it is his love or madness.

Mr. Rajan Bedi (Vyom’s father) is speaking to Mr. Bisht. He is happy at the fact that Sharanya is out of coma now. Mrs. Bisht thanks him for all his help till now. Vyom was so much around Sharanya and us in the past 2 years that he got distanced from you both. I mean he spent most of the time with Sharanya and us. He could not give you his time at all. Rajan says it is ok. I am happy that Sharanya is fine now. We will meet you tomorrow. Mrs. Bisht asks about his wife. I was trying Madhvi ji’s number since evening but it seems to be unreachable. He lies to her that she is sleeping. Mrs. Bisht agrees to talk to her tomorrow. Mr. Bisht is sure Madhvi ji does not like Sharanya too much. She explains that she is a mother after all. Her anger is justified. He agrees with her logic.

Rajan says you don’t walk so noiselessly that I wont know when you come or go. Where were you? Don’t make any excuse which I cannot bear. It is better to be quiet. We are going to meet Sharanya tomorrow. She agrees to arrange bouquet and sweets but he insists that they both are going. He walks away without waiting for her give orders!

Sharanya drops the tray by mistake. Vyom rushes to her side and gives her water. Did you sleep well last night? She replies that she saw him staring at her whenever she woke up at night. What was there to fear then? He points at the book he was reading last night. She senses that he is hiding something. Show me. He gives her a bouquet. She gets conscious again. I am sorry. I think you are taking it in the wrong direction. I have said it many times already. I cant feel anything between us. Don’t make me behave like this to you. I feel bad when I speak to you like that or when you are hurt. I don’t recall anything that happened in the past 2 years. I am not sure if I would ever remember it. Don’t keep any expectations from me. He calls it strange. You cannot recall anything related to me while I cannot forget anything that is related to you! He leaves from the room.

Mr. And Mrs. Bisht see Vyom leaving. They ask Sharanya why she was misbehaving with Vyom. Sharanya says he brought flowers today. He might bring gift tomorrow and then expect me to be his girlfriend. Mr. Bisht says he looked after all of us in these 2 years like his own family. Sharanya tries to say something but Mrs. Bisht tells her to atleast not hate Vyom if she cannot be grateful to him. Mr. Bisht adds that he knows his daughter cannot misbehave with anyone, not especially with a good guy like Vyom.

Sharanya walks up to Vyom. I did not like these flowers. He tells her she is wrong to think all this will lower his expectations. She says I don’t know all that but I wanted to tell you that my favourite flowers are stargazers. It strikes a bell in his head (recalling the incident when someone brought flowers for Sharanya the day she had come out of coma).

Precap: Sharanya begins throwing stuff / flowers saying that they smell like dead body. Vyom declines but she screams. She runs downstairs calling out for her father. Vyom is chasing her. An ambulance is on its way. Vyom pulls Sharanya’s hand.

Update Credit to: Pooja


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