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Ishqbaaz 25th October 2017 Episode Written Update|Omkara Says I Love You

Ishqbaaz 25th October 2017 Episode starts with Shivaay flirting with the girls and Anika getting annoyed. Gauri asks Omkara to think about what he is saying, Omkara says he loves her and pulls her in his arms. Some time back… Anika gets irritated with his wig, Shivaay and Anika argue about their get-ups.

Suddenly some girls come and praise Shivaay and his singing talent. Shivaay joins in the drama. Anika praises Shivaay, the girls stop her from talking on behalf of Shivaay. Elderly ladies tell Anika to stay carefully in this age. Gauri tells Omkara that it is very late now and mentions about the note written by Omkara. Omkara gets confused about the note, Gauri calls Omkara a lier. Gauri says he has no respect for her and their relationship but she has always done her duties as Omkara’s wife and daughter in law of Oberoi family.

Gauri says Omkara never accepted as his wife. Omkara says he has realized his mistakes and asks her to believe in him. Omkara says he has seen his mother breaking down in her marriage and hence could not trust in his marriage with Gauri. Gauri says she can understand but now she has no patience to bear the pain. Gauri tells Omkara that nothing can be done now. Omkara says Gauri is ready to marry a person whom she doesn’t love and is expecting to be happy, Gauri says that she loved did not give her happiness either.

Gauri says happiness depends on destiny. Omkara reminds Gauri that she is still his wife, Gauri laughs and screams at Omkara. Anika’s leg slips, the other ladies remind Anika of her age. Rudra tells Anika that there are 55 people around. Anika sees Shivaay flirting with girls, Anika gets annoyed and goes to them. Shivaay makes nonsense songs and dances with girls. Anika makes the girl go away and scolds Shivaay. Omkara says he had doubted her but now he trusts her fully and has the answer for her question. Omkara expresses his feelings to Gauri through his Shayri. Omkara goes on knees in front of Gauri and says that for him there is no difference in love for her and devotion to her. Gauri tells Omkara to think before saying such a big thing. Omkara tells Gauri that he loves her. Omkara pulls Gauri in his arms and says I Love you to Gauri, Gauri and Omkara cry. Ajay’s mother in law asks for Gauri, Ajay goes to see Gauri, Rudra bumps into Rudra. Rudra tries to stop Ajay and warns him. Bhavya covers up for Rudra. Rudra and Bhavya argue and share a moment. Anika eats Pakoras and drinks cola, other ladies again try to warn Anika of her age. Shivaay takes selfies with other girls, Anika goes there and makes the girls go away. Shivaay says it is hot, Anika turns the fan towards him, her grey hairs get loose with the breeze, Shivaay laughs, Anika goes towards Shivaay, he says she is looking like a ghost. Shivaay tells Anika about Halloween. Shivaay imagines Anika as a ghost and gets scared for a second. Shivaay tries to take a selfie with Anika, both argue about their future look. Anika gets angry and worried. Omkara asks Gauri to go back with him, Gauri refuses and tells Omkara to go back. Gauri walks away from Omkara, Omkara cries.


Shivaay warns Ajay about the brotherhood of Shivaay – Omkara and Rudra. Omkara tells Shivika and Ruvya that Gauri refused to go back and that Gauri wants them to go back. Omkara says he will fulfill Gauri’s final wish.


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