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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th October 2017 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Naira calling Kirti. She says she is not answering, I will go home and tell her. He asks what happened today when you were sure. She says I was sure, but truth has to come out. Kirti calls her and says Naksh has made my fav dish and sent from Krishna, he got time for this, he has sent a sweet message too, girls have to make adjustments after marriage, but I don’t need to do this. Naira says I have to tell you something. Kartik takes the phone and disconnects call. She says this feeling stopped me, we understand this, do what you feel right, if anything goes towards happiness via lies, we shouldn’t block it.

Suwarna gets shocked seeing Manish checking her cupboard. He says I m not getting my credit card. She says this is my cupboard. He says I thought

you kept it. She gives him the card. He asks what’s all these boxes, throw it. She says its gifts for orphanage kids, I will send it. He goes. She locks the cupboard. She gets her brother’s call and asks what….

Lav and Kush ask Kartik for their diwali gift. Kartik says I have much work. Naira says diwali gifts are special, last year I got a special gift, Kartik, we will go and do shopping, if he gets free, he will come. She takes her phone and goes.

Aryan says you have come. Naira shows photo and says you kept this in Kartik’s things. He denies. She thinks then who did this. She asks him not to do anything that annoys him. He says this photo was in phone, I will call dad and ask him. Suwarna comes there. Aryan talks to his dad. He lies about his work. He asks him to go home. He asks did you send my photo to anyone. His dad sees Suwarna and says I will talk later.

Suwarna asks how did you come here. He says I wanted to tell you that your son… She says I don’t want to break my patience. He says you made real son away for your stepson. She cries and says I couldn’t give a mum’s name to this relation. Naira says where did Aryan go. Aryan sees his dad and says what is he doing here, who is there. Naira sees him and asks what’s happening. He says nothing. She says then come. They go. She says Kartik is right, Aryan is strange. She says Kartik would be busy, but he will get diwali gifts. They leave. Kartik comes there and
doesn’t see them.

Aryan comes home and thinks who did Kartik get his photo. Suwarna gives file to Manish. She gets her envelop and says no one knew about my son, its a secret. Naira hugs Rajshri and cries. She says I have seen Kartik hurt. Rajshri says explain your perception to him, love and respect should be equal, if he annoyed, will you get annoyed as well, you have to try. She goes.

Its morning, Naksh and Rajshri see Naira. They feel Naira should go. He calls Dadi and says its diwali today, I think Naira should… She says I thought she will come, she maybe needed more there. He says sorry, I will send Naira. Dadi says no, I will send Kartik there to get her. She prays to lord to lessen Kartik and Naira’s distance.

She says I have to make them meet again. Lav and Kush ask Kartik for the gift. He reacts rude. The kids go. Dadi asks Kartik to go to Singhania house, take gifts for Kirti and get Naira back. She asks him to send someone else. She says Naira should have come back, why is she there, she is bahu, she should be here for puja. He says no need to say anything, I will go. He goes. Akhilesh says Maa you told about Naira intentionally. Surekha says Kartik couldn’t hear against her. Suwarna says its their true love. Manish asks why did they fight. Dadi says maybe for something kiddish. She prays for them.

Naira and Kartik meet. She forwards hand. He holds her.

Update Credit to: Amena


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