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Chandra Nandini 26th October 2017 Episode Written Update

Bheemdev tells Mohini that he enjoys being in Chandra’s body. Nandini thinks she has to give the medicine to Chandra soon before his condition worsens. Nandini tells Helena that Chandra may refuse to take the medicine and may get angry.

Helena says that she too is scared of Chandra. Helena says that Chandra should get better soon. Nandini and Helena reach outside Chandra’s room and Nandini says that Chandra may still be with Mohini. Helena and Nandini enter the room and Mohini asks them what they are doing here and if they are jealous of her. Nandini says that they have to give this medicine to Chandra. Mohini says that they cannot give medicine now as he is sleeping. Helena says they are his wives and Mohini says that she is chief queen now.

Helena and Nandini leave and Helena is furious. Nandini says that they can give this medicine to Chandra only when Mohini is away from him. Helena says she will handle it. Dharma’s friend reaches the mahal to meet Dharma. The friend runs into Adonis and Adonis recognizes her and runs away. Helena and Nandini lay out a plan and send maid to meet Mohini. The maid tells Mohini that Bheemdev is calling her. Mohini gets confused and goes to meet Bheemdev.

Nandini enters Chandra’s room and see him sleeping. Helena sees Mohini returning and thinks to distract her. Helena tries to sweet talk to Mohini and says she will not come between her and Chandra.  Helena tells Mohini to ask Chandra not to throw her out in exchange of money and jewels. Nandini mixes medicine in Chandra’s drink. Nandini wakes up Chandra and is on top of him. Nandini starts romancing with Chandra. Nandini tells him that she does not care about her identity as they are alone together. Helena offers her jewelry to Mohini. Mohini gets bewildered. Bheemdev in Chandra’s body gets very happy seeing Nandini romancing him. Nandini offers drink to Chandra. Nandini fills the glass with wine and Chandra drinks it. Chandra gets intimate with Nandini and tries to kiss her and Nandini is scared. Chandra falls unconscious. Nandini tells Helena that she has completed the task. Mohini hears them and gets angry thinking that Helena and Nandini trapped her to give medicine to Chandra. Dharma asks her friend who did her kidnap, Adonis or Bheemdev. Friend tells Dharam that Bindusar is innocent and Adonis is the real culprit. Friend says that Bindusar did all this to save Adonis and asked her not to tell anyone. Dharam thinks that she has been hating Bindusar for a crime that he did not do and she has to talk to Chandra about this. Nandini hopes that the medicine starts working soon Chandra wakes up and asks Nandini how he came here as he was at the terrace. Nandini thinks he does not remember anything. Dharma comes there. Bheemdev’s soul is no more in his body. Dharma tells Chandra that Bindusar is innocent. Dharam reveals that Bindusar had never kidnapped her friend and Adonis is the real culprit. Dharam asks Chandra to return Bindusar’s position to him. Nandini praises Dharma for taking the right step. Nandini says that Chandra will make the announcement in the courtroom next day. Nandini is happy as the machine has started working. Dharam offers fruits to Bindusar. Bindusar throws the fruits. Dharam and Bindusar have an argument. Dharam says that she has taken the decision and told Chandra about it. Chandra sits on the throne and he has Bheemdev’s soul.  Chandra says that Bindusar is not fit to be the next king. Everyone is shocked.

Precap: Nandini requests Chandra to release Bindusar from prison. Chandra asks Nandini to spend the night with him in return. Dharma tell Bindusar that Chandra wants to spend the night with her mother in exchange of his release.


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