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Ishqbaaz 26th October 2017 Episode Written Update Omkara Refuses to Accept Defeat

Ishqbaaz 26th October Episode starts with Shivaay taking of Anika’s wig and getting close to her. They get shocked to hear some noise. Some time back… Shivaay notices sad faces Gauri and Omkara. Ajay sees Gauri and then Omkara.

Ajay stops Omkara and tells him to stay away from Gauri. Rudra warns Ajay to behave, Anika, Bhavya join them and warns Ajay. Shivaay joins them and warns Ajay to be aware and show their unity to Ajay. Omkara tells Shivika and Ruvya that Gauri refused to go back with them and asked them to leave. Omkara says he will fulfill Gauri’s final wish. All get concerned about Omkara and follow him. Om says he has lost Gauri. Shivaay says he has seen the love for Omkara in Gauri’s eyes.

Shivaay says she must have taken such step due to some burden, Anika says Gauri cannot think of anyone except Omkara, there must be some reason for Gauri’s refusal to go back. Shivika and Ruvya make Omkara realize that they will take Gauri back with them at any cost. Anika gets irritated with her wig and removes one hair. anika gets shocked to see white hair of hers. Anika remembers everything that the other ladies were saying and gets worried. Anika tries to console herself but again gets worried about aging and looking old.

Anika dreams of her old age and Shivaay walking away from her in his dashing avatar. Anika gets hyper, Shivaay comes and she tries to remind him that he is his Anika. Anika tries to share her concern with Shivaay, he makes fun of her, Anika gets annoyed. Shivaay goes close to Anika, a lady enters the room, Shivaay hides Anika behind the curtain. Rudra makes a drama of his bravery in front of the girls, Bhavya listens. A girl tells Rudra to fire his gun, Rudra tries, Bhavya smiles and shows the correct way. Girls laugh and go away, Rudra gets annoyed. Again one lady comes in the room, Shivaay hides behind the curtain and tickles Anika, she tries to cover up. Shivaay takes off Anika’s wig, both share a close moment as Shivaay opens Anika’s hair. Suddenly they hear a sound, both get shocked, a girl enters, Shivaay scares her by wearing Anika’s wig, Anika too gets scares, Other ladies enter, Anika wears the wig, pushes off Shivaay, Anika covers up. Rudra reminds Bhavya that she is his employee and to be in her limits. Rudra says she made fun of him in front of girls, Bhavya says he made a joke of himself, both argue. Rudra calls Bhavya mean and selfish. Bhavya tries to defend herself, Rudra refuses to listen and tells her to be only the employee. Rudra says he will never forget what she did to him and remembers Bhavya slapping him. Bhavya remembers Rudra calling her old, both walk away from each other. Anika gets annoyed as the ladies sleep next to her and snore in the night. Anika unwillingly sleeps in between them. Gauri comes there and takes her to sleep in her room. Shivaay helps Gauri’s mother to lift a box, Gauri’s mother recognizes him as Shivaay and feels bad for the treatment given to Oberois. Gauri’s mother feels bad about Gauri’s decision to marry Ajay and wants Gauri to go back with Omkara. Shivaay sees a photo of two small girls in the box given by Gauri’s mother.


Shivaay makes Omkara promise that he will not accept defeat, Omkara says he will take Gauri back with him at any cost. Rudra falls, they have pillow fight.


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