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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 26th October 2017 Episode Written Update

The ladies were playing cards, Rakhi shows the card. Sona shows her A’s, Rakhi cheats saying these are the smallest values and she won. Everyone objects, Alena says Vicky is after her in cheating. Radha laughs that playing without cheating is pointless. Everyone giggle together. Each of them call their husbands. Dev recalls the kids are crying because they didn’t feed them. Dev goes to get milk Shubh. Ishwari wonders what does this mean. Sona takes th eladies to see what’s happening. Vicky’s phone ring again, Dev hurries him to cleaning as its 4.30 already. Vicky panics about how it is going to be done. They turn to call TK. Dev and Vicky order him to begin the cleaning right away. They watch him work like a magic man.
The ladies finally enter the house.

They whisper to each other that it seems they lost. Ishwari compliments that the house is well managed. Radha announces the girls lost, while the boys won. Sona notices the dust and broken plates behind the couch. She takes a visit and calls the ladies to witness. Radha was shocked to see the broken plates of dinner set. Alena laughs that they still accept them as winners, but Ronita giggles that they will get them medals of Losers. Everyone laugh.
The next morning, it was Diwali. Everyone does the pooja. Ishwari wish to distribute some alms among poor along with Shubh. Later, they play some firework. Ishwari wasn’t ready to go outside in the loudness of crackers and smoke, as it won’t be good for Shubh. The families enjoy together.
The next morning, Shubh was crying. Sona wakes Dev as Shubh is crying. Dev says he is sleeping, she must see him. Sona goes to hold Shubh. Dev reminds its his day off as its Sunday. Sona apologizes for not remembering it was Sunday and play with Shubh. Later, kids were doing homework while Sona played with Shubh. Suha calls her out to play with her. Sona says she is busy with Shubh, and then she needs to cook later. She sends them to ask their fathers. Dev comes there, he rejects Sona’s request to take children out to play. The kids insist on Sona but she doesnt agree. She comes to kitchen, irritated that TK isn’t home. Dev says he sent TK outside. Sona asks Dev to taste what she has cooked, Dev wasn’t ready. Suha and Golu come with pizza in hand. Sona leave the kitchen annoyed.
Alena comes to Radha. Radha apologizes Alena for always being so rude to her, she realized she always scolded Alena but she never replied her. Alena forbids her say so. Radha agrees she has guided Vicky on the wrong way, but Alena turned him into a responsible person instead. She gets her a bangle as gift. Vicky comes there complaining about not getting a gift, Radha gives him a slap. She says Alena is the biggest gift in his life. They laugh together.
Dev brings coffee for Sona. Sona was annoyed and asks why he didn’t tell earlier that he ordered pizza. Her hardword went invain. Dev says they have a lunch plan. They will go to Mr. Bejoy, she may take her dish there. Sona calls him irritating, Dev says coffee isn’t bad. They enjoy it together.
Bejoy insists on them to eat some more. Sona and Alena were full. Dev says he will have to repent both ways, so he decides to eat. Ronita joins them. All have fun together.

PRECAP: Dev has a radio interview with Shubh in arms. The host leaves. Dev tries to control Shubh while his feet touch the control. Outside the studio, two of the workers discuss how they went live, who is in the studio

Update Credit to: Sona


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