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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th October 2017 Episode Written Update; Kaira Celebrate Diwali together

The Episode starts with Kartik standing on the road. He says family has sent me, but I m not able to convince heart. Naira is on the way and says I m not getting courage to go there. Dadi and Naksh talk on call. Dadi says Kartik has left long time ago. Naksh says he didn’t come, Naira has gone. Naksh prays Naksh doesn’t get punished for his mistake. Naira is asked to take car by other way. She sees Kartik and smiles. She calls him out. Yahan wahan…..plays………. They see each other and walk towards. She opens arms for him. He smiles and holds her. Palkon ke sirhaane…..plays…….

He hears two kids talking. They recall their argument. Kartik gets back. She asks him to please listen. He says I m not able to stop myself, its not our first

fight, but I got broken up, that my Naira cheated me. She says I can try to rectify my mistake, matter will solve when we talk. He says I m not annoyed that you supported Naksh, but because you have lied to me, you know how much I love you. She says I also love you a lot, so I m in this state. They cry. Kaisa suluk…….plays…….. He goes.

Manish says I will call Kartik. Kartik comes alone. They all look on. Guards shut the gate. Dadi stops Kartik. They all see Naira coming in. Dadi unites their hands. She asks Suwarna to get aarti plate, Laxmi has come. Suwarna does aarti. Naira doesn’t let Kartik take his hand off. Dadi wards off their bad sight. They enter the house together. Naira thinks its darkness here in diwali, I won’t let this happen, this relation will not break, it will become more strong, its my promise. Kartik goes. Dadi asks where are you going, there are 20mins for puja. Naira goes. Aryan says I didn’t know rich people also fight. Surekha says Kartik and Naira didn’t come together, it means their fight didn’t end. Naksh and Kirti try calling Naira and Kartik. Dadi calls Naksh. Dadi says Kartik and Naira are here. Bhabhimaa asks did they annoyance get less. Dadi says don’t worry, they will get together.

Kartik sees Naira. She says I know what you are thinking, why I came back, its my house and family, I don’t want to see them sad, we are fighting for their happiness and also sacrificing their happiness by being stubborn. She goes. Baisa asks Bhabhimaa to make Kirti do rasam. They go. Kirti sits thinking. Naksh comes and sees her. He sits there and signs her. She makes Om. She says you would be thinking I don’t know anything. He says don’t say anything about my wife, she can learn anything. She smiles. Lav asks why did Kartik not come. Naira says he will come.

She tells everyone that Kartik will come. Manish blesses her. Dadi gives specially crafted bangles to her bahus. Surekha says just Goenkas have this design. Aryan looks on. Manish asks him to behave himself. Aryan says I have seen same bangle in my mum’s hand in my childhood pic. Dadi scolds him. Akhilesh says maybe some copied the design, media covered a function and such pic was taken. Dadi asks where is Kartik. Kartik comes and does aarti along with Naira. O maiyya ji….plays…. Naksh and Kirti also do aarti. Naira and Kirti do the rituals. Kartik takes aarti and goes. Naira sings Tum ho to……. and dances with the family. They light lanterns. Kartik holds her. She cries. He wipes her tears. She imagines the moment. Kartik sees Naira’s dupatta catching fire and holds it. She takes her dupatta. He goes.

Kartik says I don’t want to talk about it. Dadi says Naira is sensible to come back. Dadi falls down. Kartik shouts Dadi.

Update Credit to: Amena


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