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Beyhadh 27th October 2017 Episode Written Update; Maya Dies!

Doctor asks Arjun and family to take a decision whether to save mother or child. Jahnvi asks to save child. Arjun says no. Saanjh says Maya’s life is at risk and she wants to save Maya. Arjun says Saanjh is right. Doc walks in. Maya shouts in pain and collapses calling Arjun. Monitor goes blank. Doc holds baby in hand and informs Arjun’s family it is a miracle, both mom and child are safe. Maya is shifted to room. Arjun and Saanjh lift child and pamper it. Arjun tells unconscious Maay that life brought him at a stage where he is indebted to her. He goes out and stands with family. Nurse walks into room and does not find Maya and child, shouts doctor. Saanjh shouts her baby girl and sees window open, realizing Maya escaped via it. Arjun says he knows where Maya went.

Maya takes

baby to her old studio and reminisces her father punishing her. She tells baby that she will get a prince in her life, reminiscing Arjun and his life at first and then betrayal, says not to trust him as world changes with opportunity and she is Maya’s daughter and should not bend in front of world.

Arjun with Saanjh reaches studio. Maya from window warns Arjun to stop right there. Saanjh pleads not to harm her daughter. Maya holding gun on baby orders to send Saanjh up, else get ready to see their daughter dead. Saanjh tells Arjun she will not let Maya harm her daughter and walks up. Maya points gun at Saanjh and says everyone’s life is stuck with someone or other, she is holding Saanjh’s life/child, she needs Arjun. Saanjh says she is not bad and herself let Arjun away from her. Arjun reaches via window and points gun at Maya.

Arjun warns Maya to drop gun, else he will shoot her. Maya says she knows he loves her and cannot kill her. Arjun says he hates her. She says let us see and exends gun towards Saanjh. Arjun shoots at Maya’s chest. Maya falls down. Arjun asks Saanjh if she is fine. Saanjh says yes and picking Maya’s gun says it is empty. Maya says just like her life. Arjun drops gun and holds her. Maya says her life is empty without Arjun and expresses her love for him. He emotionally says she would have chosen another route. Maya asks if he remembers their oath during marriage. Arjun repeats oath reminiscing their wedding. Maya says she always followed oath and now she is going away from him forever. He kisses her forehead crying. She breaths her last with eyes open. He and Saanjh cry holding her. Maya thinks she is everywhere and Arjun can kill her, but cannot destroy her as Maya is endless and behinteha/extreme. Tujhe pyar karte kart…song…plays in the background. Saanjh closes Maya’s eyes and they both cry loudly.

Precap: No precap today.

Update Credit to: MA


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