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Chandra Nandini 27th October 2017 Episode Written Update

Chandra announces that Bindusar will not become the Yuvraj. Everyone gets shocked. Bindusar thinks that Dharma has not forgiven him and he should not have saved her life. The minster talks about the farmers’ problems and Chandra gets angry.

Chandra says he will punish the farmers. Chandra talks about releasing the convicts from the prison. Bindusar says that it will be dangerous to release the convicts. Chandra gets very angry and asks Bindusar how dare he go against his decision. Chandra asks the soldier to make Bindusra a prisoner. Everyone is shocked. Bindusar is taken away. Mohini smirks. Flashback shows that Mohini wakes up Bindusar in Chandra’s body and tells him that Nandini had given him a medicine which made Chandra’s soul stronger than his soul.

Flashback ends. Bindusar is in the prison and Nandini comes to meet him. Bindusar asks her not to show false sympathy for him. Bindusar ask Nandini not to call herself his mother and continues to taunt her. Bindusar blames Nandini for creating trouble between him and his father. Nandini thinks that she has to get Bindusar out of prison. The princes and princesses discuss about Chandra’s strange behavior. Bhadra says that Chandra is acting strange since many days. Chandra is in the bath and Nandini comes to meet him.

Nandini tells Chandra that he did wrong with Bindusar.  Chandra asks Nandini not to spoil his mood and join him in the bath. Chandra makes it clear he does not want to discuss anything with her and just wants to relax. Chandra asks Nandini to massage his back and Nandini rubs the paste on Chandra. Chandra recalls getting intimate with Nandini. Nandini asks Chandra to release Bindusar from prison. Chandra asks Nandini what will he get in return. Chandra tells Nandini to come to his room at night and make his night special. Nandini is speechless and Chandra says he has right on both of Bheemdev’s wives.  Nandini reluctantly agrees to Chandra’s demands. Later, Dharma meets Nandini and asks her why Chandra made such a decision although she told him all the truth. Dharma asks her whether Chandra’s mental state is not proper. Nandini lies that he is alright. Dharma asks Nandini to tell her truth. Nandini admits that Chandra is not fine and is behaving strangely. A Maid brings clothes and jewelry for Nandini and says that Chandra wants her to dress up and come to his room tonight. Dharma ask her what is all this and Nandini reveals about Chandra’s demands to release Bindusar.  Dharma asks Nandini whys he is ready to take such a step. Nandini says that she felt love for Chandra earlier but she does not have the feelings anymore. Helena meets Bindusar and tells him to join Greek army after getting out from prison and attack Chandra. Bindusar says that he does not want to attack his own kingdom and refuses for Helena’s plan. Helena tries to instigate Bindusar but he refuses. Some soldiers come and release Bindusar and Helena is confused. Soldier says that Chandra has asked to release him. Chandra and Mohini are in the market. Chandra and Mohini have an argument. All people are scared. Chandra slaps a man and tells villagers to bow down before him and welcome him. Nandini sees herself in the mirror and thinks that she has seen the evil side of the man whom she loves so much. Nandini is confused whether she is Nandini or Savitri.

Precap: Chandra asks Chanakya to stop his activities and return to his family life. Chanakya tells Nandini that the Chandra he knows would never talk so rudely with him. Soldier tells Chanakya that Chandra is often seen coming out of a room. Chanakya goes to the room and Chandra gets tensed.


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