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Ek Deewana Tha 27th October 2017 Episode Written Update

Nawab joins everyone. Vyom is recording everything in his phone. Mrs. Bisht does Sharanya’s aarti. Hope no evil eye falls on you. Mr. Bisht also gets emotional. This house became a home today with your arrival. Mrs. Bisht advises her to seek God’s blessing first. Everyone does puja. Mrs. Bisht feeds Sharanya her favourite sweets. Mr. Bisht takes everyone inside for a bigger surprise.

Rajan and Madhvi return home. He tells her that kids are like springs. The more we try to push them down the more they jump back against us. Don’t put so much pressure on Vyom. It is outdated for kids to take care of his parents. We can do that ourselves. Let Vyom live his life. Let him be happy. He steps out of the car. She thinks I left Vyom alone once and saw the result. I cannot risk his life again.

Rajan is sure he will be fine. He loves Sharanya who has come back in his life. I wont let anyone come in between them! Madhvi watches him head inside. You might not like it if anyone comes between them whereas I don’t like their coming closer. We will see who wins!

Mrs. Bisht shows Sharanya her room. Your father decorated it exactly how you wanted it to be. Sharanya loves her new room and thanks her father with a hug. Vyom watches them from a distance. Sharanya says it is exactly how I thought it to be. Aditya gets emotional. She teases him calling Aditi. He asks her not to call him that. He tells her not to call him that. She replies that she wont stop till he wont stop crying like a girl. he hugs her saying I miss you. She says I cannot say it too as I was in coma all this while. Vyom takes their leave. Mr. Bisht says you can also rest for some time and then come back. Vyom says since Sharanya is back you want me to leave. Mrs. Bisht tells him to think like that ever. You are always welcome here. Mr. Bisht seconds her. Finish your work and come back. Vyom walks out of the house but senses someone’s presence at many points but is not able to see anything.

Sharanya asks Aditya if he liked someone in past 2 years. Vyom is good. Shall I talk to him? Nawab starts barking again while looking at the door. Mr. Bisht tells him no one is there. I know you are excited but this much excitement isn’t good. He takes him inside. A shadow appears on Sharanya’s family’s photo. Nawab does not stop barking. Sharanya also feels something strange and looks at her family photo. She asks her mother why Nawab is barking so much. She replies that he is acting strange since she (Sharanya) came out of coma. She gets thinking.

Vyom comes to the same grocery store where he had called in the morning. He asks for stargazers flowers. The guy recognizes him. You wont get flowers here. Vyom says someone sent me a bouquet with a card. It had the address of this place. The guy repeats what he had said on the phone. Vyom asks him how this card got this shop’s address. The man says he threw them all when he bought the shop. The entire shop was burnt down by someone. I have heard that someone died during the fire. Vyom returns to his car and looks at his college. The bouquet of Sharanya’s favourite flowers came from the shop which is right in front of our college. Someone is trying to joke with us. Whoever you are, just come in front of me once, I will make your life a joke! He throws the card down as he sits in the car. The crumpled car becomes normal again, flies in the air and gets attached on the rear window.

Vyom has brought delicious food for everyone. Sharanya thanks him for bringing it. Vyom asks Mr. Bisht if Sharanya’s second surprise is ready. Mr. Bisht tells him they have a surprise for him first. Aditya bring s guitar. Mr. Bisht says you dint touch your passion for the past 2 years when Sharanya was in coma. Mrs. Bisht asks Vyom to resume singing. Vyom says music will return as Sharanya is back in my life now. He sings a song for Sharanya as everyone pitches in the song. They all have a happy family moment and do the puja; celebrate all the festivals they missed in these 2 years.

Aditya and Vyom are doing the dishes. Mrs. Bisht asks Sharanya if she does not feel Vyom’s love. You aren’t his love but obsession. Don’t know how you can forget his love. Sharanya tells her mother she does not feel anything whenever she sees Vyom. Mrs. Bisht calls him unlucky. He left his successful singing career for you but he dint leave you. We used to break down so often but Vyom always gave us hope. He always told us that you will come back and you did. He has made many sacrifices. He has left behind everything for you. Vyom asks them if they need coffee. He points out the kind of coffee she likes. Mrs. Bisht advises Sharanya to not doubt Vyom ever. You wont find a better guy than him. Sharanya says I don’t know what happened when I was in coma. I only felt that someone sat by my side holding my hand. Her mother smiles. It was Vyom only. He used to send all of us home and was always beside your side. you have felt it. When you will see the face then I am sure you will realise it is Vyom only.

The soul is shown to be sitting beside Sharanya holding her hand while she was asleep. Vyom is also fast asleep on the sofa of her ward.

Precap: Sharanya is reading a shayari to herself as she fills the bathtub. Water freezes and her hand gets stuck. Vyom comes there hearing her voice.

Update Credit to: Pooja


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