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Chandra Nandini 30th October 2017 Episode Written Update

Dharma tells Bindusar that she is not responsible for whatever happened in the courtroom. Dharam says that she spoke to Chandra to return his position to him. Dharma says that Chandra’s mental health is not proper.

Bindusra asks Dharma to shut up. Bindusar accuses Nandini for everything.  Dharma tells Bindusar that Nandini is innocent and instead she is giving a big sacrifice to get him out of prison. Dharma says that Nandini has agreed to spend the night with Chandra although his mental state is not right.  The people of Magadh decide to go against Chandra for his atrocities. Chanakya sees them and wonders what wrong has Chandra done. Chandra and Mohini are happy seeing protests against Chandra.

Moora wonders why people are against Chandra. Helena thinks that Chandra is indeed crazy. Chandra tells Mohini that this is the right time for Saunand to attack Magadh. Bindusar confronts the people and asks them the reason for their protest. The people complain about Chandra’s bad behavior.  People say that they want justice. Mohini asks Chandra why he released Bindusar. Chandra says that he asked Nandini to spend night with him in exchange of Bindusar’s release. Mohini taunts Chandra but Chandra says that she will torture Nandini and take revenge for giving him medicine.

Mohini thinks she misjudged Bheemdev’s intentions. Bheemdev thinks to take pleasure from Nandini. Chanakya thinks that the matter is very serious. Chanakya asks the soldier to inform Chandra that he has to meet him. Nandini walks towards Chandra’s room but is scared. Chandra waits for Nandini impatiently. Nandini enters Chandra’s room. Chandra closes the door and touches Nandini saying that he thought she will ditch him. Chandra praises Nandini’s beauty. Chandra talks badly with Nandini and she walks away. Nandini thinks she cannot believe Chandra’s behavior. Chandra hugs Nandini and continues to romance Nandini. Soldier comes and tells Chandra that Chanakya wants to meet him. Chandra scolds the soldier and asks him to inform Chanakya to wait as he is busy. Soldier informs Chanakya and Chanakya is shocked knowing that Chandra has refused to meet him. Chanakya tries to enter Chandra’s room but soldier stops him. Chanakya calls out to Chandra and Chandra gets extremely furious and asks Chanakya why he is calling out to him. Chanakya tells Chandra that people are going against him. Chandra talks very rudely with Chanakya. Chandra says that he is king while Chanakya is just a minister. Chandra tells Chanakya to retire from his position. Mohini thinks why is Bheemdev is talking rudely to Chanakya and attracting trouble. Chandra tells Chanakya that he was taking pleasure with his wife and Chanakya disturbed him. Chanakya gets angry with Chandra and says that he will regret his behavior. Bheemdev/Chandra is very angry and thinks he made a big mistake by going against Chanakya. Nandini goes after Chanakya and tells him to stop. Chanakya says he cannot wait here any longer. Nandini says that Chandra is unwell. Nandini explains that Chandra has been behaving badly with everyone in the palace. Nandini explains everything. Nandini says that she does not understand reason for his behavior. Nandini requests Chanakya not to leave and solve Chandra’s problem. Chanakya says that the real Chandra would never behave like this and he will find out the problem. Chanakya asks Nandini to keep an eye on Chandra and inform him. Saunand says that Mohini and Bindusar have succeeded in their mission and now he will attack Magadh. Saunand asks Amatya to prepare the army.

Precap: Nandini wonders how she reached the cliff. Mohini pushes Nandini off the cliff. Mohini sets Bheemdev’s body on fire. Chandra/Bheemdev is furious with Mohini for burning his body.


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