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Ishqbaaz 30th October 2017 Episode Written Update

Ishqbaaz 30th October 2017 Episode starts with Bhavya’s car throwing muck on Rudra, Rudra scolds Bhavya. Bhavya tells Rudra his mustache was off his face and hence she did it, Bhavya cries. Gauri tells Omkara to leave. Anika cries and tells Shivaay that only after wearing the wig he lost interest in her, she worries what will happen when she really turns old.

Some time back… Anika sees Shivaay taking a selfie with a girl, Anika gets in between and makes the girl go away. Anika gets annoyed with Shivaay, he reminds her that she too is young. Anika starts getting hyper and starts arguing and asks Shivaay to fight with her. Omkara carries Gauri and climbs the temple steps. Omkara tells he is doing the ritual for Gauri, she says Omkara is repenting. Omkara asks for a chance to correct his mistakes, Gauri says it is late.

Gauri says when someone else is giving her the respect of the wife, Omkara has come to show his right. Anika insists Shivaay to throw water on her, Shivaay refuses, Anika forces, Shivaay throws water on Anika, Anika smiles, Shivaay laughs at Anika calling her funny. Anika feels sad and leaves with tears in her eyes. Shivaay gets confused. Omkara tells Gauri that he wants to give her the right that she deserves, Gauri asks Omkara if she would have done everything to him that he had done with her, would he ever forgive her, Gauri says she knows that she is not fit for Omkara.

Gauri says she always saw disrespect and misunderstandings in Omkara’s eyes for her. Gauri tells Omkara about Shivaay and Anika’s love that Shivaay and Anika are each others’ strengths, which has never been the case with Omkara and Gauri. Gauri tells Omkara to put her down. Ajay gets annoyed with Rudra, Rudra cuts all the wires of Ajay’s car, another car comes and muck gets thrown on Rudra’s face and Ajay’s clothes. Ajay leaves in anger. Rudra knocks the car window, Bhavya is seen in the driver’s seat. Gauri asks Omkara does he want Gauri back only because she is marrying someone else? Gauri tells Omkara to leave, Omkara feels hurt, Gauri’s dupatta gets stuck in Omkara’s watch. Rudra screams at Bhavya, Bhavya tries to defend herself, Rudra says Bhavya wanted to hurt Rudra as her ego gets hurt working under him. Bhavya tells Rudra that his mustache had come off and to save him from Ajay so that Ajay cannot recognize Rudra. Bhavya says she does not want to avenge Rudra, she just wanted to save him. Bhavya leaves in tears, Rudra feels bad. Gauri tears off her dupatta, Omkara gets shocked. Shivaay tries to talk to Anika, she refuses to talk. Anika says Shivaay feels no love when he looks at her but he only laughs. Shivaay and Anika fight. Gauri walks off with tears, Omkara and Gauri cry. Shivaay tells Anika that she needs to grow up. Anika says Shivaay wants Anika to grow up because Shivaay wants to have fun with young girls. Anika tells only after wearing the wig Shivaay has lost interest in Anika, what will happen when she really turns old. Shivaay tries to talk to Anika, she walks off in anger. Gauri bumps into Ajay. Ajay shows his anger for completing the ritual with Dilpreet, Gauri defends herself. Ajay warns Gauri about canceling Mukesh and Richa’s wedding. Ajay holds Gauri’s hand with force, Gauri gets shocked. Bhavya comes looking for Anika, Shivaay tells her that Anika is upset with him. Shivaay tells Bhavya that she is hurt over his jokes on her old age look. Bhavya tells Shivaay that brain of a girl works on imagination as girls think a lot. A boy gets a packet from Rudra for Bhavya, Bhavya refuses to take it. Rudra gets shocked as Bhavya refuses to take his card. Bhavya tells Shivaay to talk to Anika and to boost her confidence. Bhavya tells Shivaay that he is everything for Anika and hence she must be insecure about Shivaay.


Shivaay tells Anika that Lovers can never be old, a person can be old or young in heart, not by age. Shivaay kises Anika’s forehead.


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