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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th October 2017 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Dadi saying Kirti shouldn’t know about my wound, doctor tied big bandage. They all smile. Naksh says I m making fighting dolls, mumma said our fight and annoyance will end seeing this. He thinks of Kartik and Naira, and thinks they should also forget annoyance. Kirti says I will also try to make good gift for Kartik. Naira gets tea. Kartik asks for it. She drinks. Dadi asks Naira to sit. Kartik and Naira show attitude. Everyone looks on and smiles. Kartik goes. Dadi asks Naira did she talk to Naksh or Kirti, are they coming for bhai dooj.

Naksh calls Naira and says its bhai dooj. Naira asks are you coming. He says no, I will send Kirti, Kartik may get angry seeing me. She says its okay, you do what makes you happy, just come, Kartik may get angry if

you didn’t come, Kirti’s happiness is in Kartik’s hands now. Its morning, Naira and Kartik get ready. He sits annoyed. She says you don’t see right and wrong in anger. He says I arranged everything. She says you can tell me if you need help in gifting Kirti. He doesn’t agree. She leaves.

Naksh and Kirti come to Goenka house. Kids welcome them. Flowers shower on them. Naira comes and hugs Kirti and Naksh. Kirti hugs Dadi and asks about her wound. Dadi says nothing. Manish comes and hugs her. Naksh greets everyone. Kartik comes and recalls what happened. Kartik hugs Kirti. Manish asks him to welcome Naksh. Naksh goes with everyone. Naira does bhai dool rituals. Naksh gifts her the doll. She smiles and hugs him. Kirti does rituals. Kartik gives money. Kirti refuses. Surekha asks did he forget to get gift. Lav and Kush say no, here are the gifts. Kirti thanks them.

Kartik sees Naira. Kirti gives the envelop to Manish and Akhilesh from Rukmani’s side. They all smile. Manish says Akhilesh, send a good gift to our sister. Kirti slips. Naksh holds her and asks are you fine, I told you not to wear heels. Kartik asks why, she will wear what she likes, you have no right to say. Manish asks what’s this way to say. Kartik says no one should control Kirti. Kirti says no, my foot got twisted, I have swelling, so he told this for me, don’t blame him, say sorry to him. Kartik goes. Kirti asks him to stop.

Naira asks Kartik to listen. Kartik says you and your brother should see, Kirti fought with me for cheater Naksh, she loves him, she got cheated, he lied to her that he loves her, this marriage is just a deal for him. He turns and sees Kirti with Naira. Kirti cries and goes. Manish apologizes to Naksh. Naksh says I m fine. His hand gets burnt by diya. Naira and Kartik go to Kirti.

Kirti says leave me alone, Naira tell Naksh I won’t be able to return with him. Naksh gets a call and says sorry, I have to go, let Kirti be here, she will spend time, I will come and pick her once I get free. He goes. Kartik says I was afraid for this, this relation has hurt all relations, Kirti’s hope broke second time, she may also break down, if this happens, I won’t be able to forgive you and your brother. Naira gets sad. They come downstairs. Manish asks where is Kirti. Naira asks where is Naksh. Suwarna says he went to sign some papers. Surekha says he is coming back to take Kirti. Kartik says no use, Kirti will not go with him. Naira says I will say. Dadi worries.

Naksh calls Kirti. He says sorry, I had to go urgently, I will come back soon. Kirti cries. Manish falls by the shock. He says you are saying this to us now. Kartik says I wanted to stop marriage, but Naira and Dadi stopped me. Manish says Maa you knew this… Akhilesh asks did Kirti know. Naira says no, she just got to know. Naira says no use to argue now. Manish says truth will be truth, its Naksh’s mistake. Naira says I agree, I will tell entire truth. Akhilesh says he lied to us. Naira says he is ready to keep relation by all his heart.

Akhilesh says we don’t want his favor, we don’t want this arrangement. Naira says its arranged marriage. Surekha says none acts of love in arranged marriage, like Naksh did. Manish says I was not happy with this relation, I agreed knowing Naksh and Kirti love each other. Dadi says relations truth changed, Naksh loves Kirti now, Naira spoke to her brother. Manish shouts don’t support Naira. Suwarna says listen to Maa. Akhilesh says we can’t believe this. Dadi says I saw more of the world than you. Akhilesh says think what is Kirti going through. They argue. Manish goes.

Manish says I won’t let Naksh take advantage of Kirti’s helplessness, another Aditya won’t come in her life. Kartik says don’t compare Naksh to Aditya, Aditya was a cheap man, he has hurt Kirti, Naksh is not like that. Naira looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena


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