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Chandra Nandini 31st October 2017 Episode Written Update

Chanakya thinks about Chandra. Chanakya wonders how Chandra has changed so much. Chanakya confronts a soldier and the soldier says that he has seen Chandra going and coming out of a room. Chanakya gets the room opened.

Bheemdev/Chandra is searching for Mohini. Bheemdev sees Chanakya outside his secret room where his body has been kept. Chanakya is about to open the door but Chandra stops him. Chanakya says a thief has entered inside. Chanakya enters the room but Bheemdev’s body is not inside. Chanakya asks Chandra why he was stopping him from entering this room. Chandra says that he wants to keep this room for his important things. Chanakya is sure that there is something wrong. Bheemdev thinks that Chanakya will go deep into this matter.

Bheemdev wonders where is his body. Bheemdev’s soul leaves Chandra and enters his own body. Mohini scolds Bheemdev for starting a fight with Chanakya. Mohini says that she moved his body and hid all the clues. Mohini asks Bheemdev to remain in his body and she will resolve the issue. Nandini sees Chandra sleeping and remembers Chanakya asking her to keep an eye on him. Chandra wakes up and tells Nandini he has a very bad headache. Nandini wonders whether Chandra is trying to trap her.

Chandra thinks that Nandini is not well and Nandini thinks Chandra is not well. Nandini massages Chandra’s head and Mohini looks at them. Chandra asks Nandini whether she is taking her medicines properly. Mohini thinks she cannot let Nandini come close to Chandra again. Chandra asks Nandini what happened yesterday as he does not remember anything. Nandini tells Chandra not to fool her. Nandini thinks that she is feeling disgusted on Chandra. The priest does palmistry of all the women. Priest tells Charumati that she will give Bindusar his first son. Priest tells Dharam that she will give Bindusar two sons where one son will become a priest and another son will become a king. Charumati is furious hearing this. Chandra thinks that medicines are not working on Nandini. Chandra greets Dadi, Bhadra and Helena but everyone behaves rudely with him. Chandra meets Chanakya and tells him that he has to talk to him. Chandra says that Nandini is not feeling well and is acting weird. Chanakya says that they met just few moments back. Chandra says that they have met after a long time. Chanakya thinks that something is wrong with Chandra. Charumati cries and Bindusar ask her why she is crying. Charumati says that the priest said that she will give him his first son. Charumati says that Dharma will give him two sons and one of them will be the king. Charumati says that his own son will go against him to become a king. Bindusar says he will never let this happen till he is alive. Chandra tells Nandini why is everyone scared of him. Nandini tells him that he is responsible for all this. Chandra says that he does not understand anything. Nandini asks him what is the last thing he told her. Chandra says that he last met her on the terrace and then he was in his room. Nandini tells Chandra everything about his past behaviour. Chandra says that he can never do such things. Nandini tells Chandra that he misbehaved with her as well as Chanakya and also spent the night with Mohini. Mohini comes near a cliff and thinks that she will push Nandini from this cliff. Mohini starts praying something. Chandra thinks that Nandini’s mental condition is becoming worse. Nandini asks Chandra to stop his drama. Mohini’s soul enters Nandini’s body and Nandini starts behaving rudely with Chandra.

Precap: Nandini is hanging from the cliff and Chandra tries to pull her up. Nandini remembers her past. Nandini tells Chandra that she fell off from this same cliff 10 years back and she remembers Bindusar’s betrayal.


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