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Ishqbaaz 31st October 2017 Episode Written Update

Ishqbaaz 31st October 2017 Episode starts with Shivaay telling Anika that lovers never get old, the body might get old but the hearts always remain young. Omkara declares that he is Omkara Singh Oberoi, Gauri’s husband in front of Ajay, Shivaay, and Rudra take off their turbans.

Some time back… Rudra sends the card again, Bhavya refuses and tell the boy to ask Rudra and come and talk to her himself. Bhavya covers up in front of Shivaay and tells Shivaay to talk to Anika. Shivaay comes to upset Anika and sits with her. Shivaay tries to talk to Anika, she tells him not to be cute. Anika stats taunting Shivaay over his cuteness. Shivaay apologizes to Anika for hurting her without realizing it. Rudra sends the boy again to Bhavya, she refuses again.

The boy gets irritated and annoyed with Rudra. Shivaay tells Anika that lovers never get old, they age by the body but not with their heart. Shivaay assures  Anika when they will be old, even then they will laugh and fight with each other. Shivaay tells Anika that she is the most beautiful for him and will remain forever. Anika refuses to believe him. Shivaay reassures her. Rudra and Bhavya argue Rudra tries to say sorry in attitude and tears off the sorry card.

Rudra says sorry in anger and leaves. Shivaay makes Anika realize that she will matter to him forever and describes their love in the old age. Shivaay says he is waiting for the time they would be old as they cannot be without be each other then. Anika smiles, Shivaay kisses her forehead. Anika apologizes to Shivaay for misunderstanding him. They argue cutely. Gauri comes to Omkara, she tells him that it is necessary for her to get married to Ajay as Richa’s wedding and future are dependant on her. Gauri tells Omkara to stay away from her and let whatever has to happen, happen without any drama. Omkara feels hurt and upset. Ajay tells his friend that he is not going to marry Gauri but it is all drama as he wants to spend a night with Gauri before the wedding so that he can leave her. Gauri sees Omkara in the Sangeet, Ajay comes near her and takes her away for photographs. Ajay warns Gauri to smile for Richa’s happiness. Gauri smiles unwillingly. Shivaay and Rudra ask Omkara to stop the sangeet, Omkara refuses and tells them Gauri has told him not to create any drama. Anika asks why is Gauri marrying Ajay when she loves Omkara, Anika decides to talk to Gauri, Anika bums into a waiter, her wig comes off, Ajay sees it, Shivaay tries to cover up, Ajay stops them. Ajay confronts Anika and Shivaay. Ajay warns them to spill the truth and asks Gauri about them. Ajay asks if Dilpreet is Omkara. Omkara says he is Omkara Singh Oberoi, Gauri’s husband. Shivaay, Om, Rudra take off their turbans, Anika takes off her wig. Gauri gets shocked and worried.


Ajay slaps Omkara, Omkara stops Shivaay and Rudra from helping him, Ajay and his men beat up Omkara, Gauri gets shocked and cries.


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