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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st October 2017 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Naira getting tea for Kirti and trying to talk. Kirti asks her to leave her alone. Everyone asks Naksh why did he leave Kirti and come to sign papers. Naksh says its imp, Papa said right, after bahu comes, son become stranger. Manish comes and asks where are you going. Naksh says I m going to take Kirti. Manish says no need to meet her, I did big mistake to get her married in this house, Naksh cheated her. They all get shocked. Naksh says no, I didn’t cheat… Manish says truth has come out. Devyaani says Naksh never lies. Manish says he lied when he said he likes Kirti, he doesn’t like Kirti, this marriage is a compromise for his sister’s happiness. Rajshri says he accepted Kirti from heart. He says you knew this, I didn’t expect this, stop this

innocence drama, you got profits from this, I can’t tolerate this.Bau ji says no, its not true. Manish says you all are liars, cheaters and selfish people. Kartik comes and says no, they all are innocent, don’t blame them. He apologizes to them and asks Manish to come. Manish says you didn’t do this right, you will get punished.

Manish says Kirti won’t go there. Dadi says you are doing wrong. Manish says I supported Aditya as I didn’t know about him, I won’t let Naksh take advantage of her helplessness, one more Aditya won’t come in her life. Kartik says please don’t compare him with Aditya, their intentions are different, Aditya is cheap man, he has hurt Kirti to satisfy his ego, Naksh is not such, I was annoyed as he cheated Kirti, I can see now that he loves Kirti and wants to keep her happy, I wanted Kirti to know this and decide. Akhilesh says if she decides, it will be a compromise. Surekha says she will be trapped in relation which has no love and trust. Bau ji and everyone tell Naksh that he did wrong. Bhabhimaa says even if you love Kirti, who will make her realize. Naksh says I will make her realize, give me some time. Rajshri says he is right, we all understood love after marriage, if Naksh was not true, I would have never supported him. Bau ji says we will agree, who will explain Kirti and her family, like Manish went, I don’t think he will try to save the relation.

Naira sits by Kirti’s side. Kartik gets food. Naira asks him to feed food to Kirti when she wakes up, shall I get tea for you. He says no. She thinks to show them truth and then accept their decision. Devyaani says Aditya has hurt Kirti intentionally and Naksh has hurt her unknowingly. Bau ji says we can understand Naksh, what he is going through. Rajshri says sometimes annoyance gets cleared and relation turns strong. Devyaani asks what if their relation doesn’t cross this hurdle. Rajshri says Naksh has his family and Naira, she will unite Naksh and Kirti. Naira prays. She asks Dadi not to feel guilty. Dadi says Kartik hates me. Naira says no, he doesn’t hate us, he didn’t wish wrong to happen with Kirti, he was worried. Dadi says everyone is worried, what shall we do. Naira says let the night pass, tomorrow morning will get something good. Suwarna agrees with Naira. She says this relation didn’t die, it can get fine if we try together. They pray.

Its morning, Lav and Kush tell Kartik about the project. Kartik says you say on last day. They ask Naira to help Kartik, he is making project slow, make animal kingdom fast. They try to make Naira and Kartik talk. Naira and Kartik argue. Lav says they are fighting, it means they are getting normal. Kartik asks them to get project made by Naira. He goes. Lav and Kush call him. Naira says I will complete your work.

Manish asks Kirti to have food. Kirti cries and says let me sleep. They all worry. Suwarna asks Dadi not to worry, Naira will manage. Naira comes to Naksh. Naksh says Kirti is not answering, I have to talk to her, I m feeling guilty. She asks him to have something. He says please make me meet her once. She says yes, we will meet her, have food first. He says no. She says why to get scared if your heart is true, we shouldn’t make them know by forcing. He cries and eats. She asks these papers… He says I came home to sign this as wedding gift, I wanted to gift her a boutique, during your dance competition, I realized she likes designing clothes, I thought she will stay busy and independent, I promised to give her happiness, sorry Naira. She looks at him.

Kartik says you got a paper from Naksh’s side, I have a paper from Kirti’s side, she wants to go US.

Update Credit to: Amena


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