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Chandra Nandini 1st November 2017 Episode Written Update; Nandini Gets Her Memory

Chanakya comes to Chandra’s room when he is not there and starts investigating for clues. Chanakya checks his food and things and thinks to get some clue for his change in behavior. Chanakya finds a thread on the bed and is shocked to see two black dolls attached to the thread.

Chanakya understands that someone is controlling Chandra’s body. Chanakya wonders who is that person responsible for this and thinks to search the person soon. Mohini in Nandini’s body reaches the cliff. Mohini’s soul leaves Nandini’s body and Nandini wonders how she reached here. Nandini recalls her past and thinks she has come to this cliff earlier too. Mohini comes behind Nandini and is about to push her but Chandra comes there and slaps Mohini. Nandini slips and falls over the cliff and has flashes of her past memory.

Chandra gives Nandini his hand and tries to pull her up. Nandini remembers Bindusar leaving her hand. Chandra succeeds to pull up Nandini. Chandra tells Nandini he will not spare Mohini for trying to kill her. Nandini tells Chandra that she has remembered everything and she is his Nandini. Chandra hugs Nandini. Nandini says she remembers everything that she had come to the same cliff 10 years back and she fell off the cliff. Nandini lies that Bindusar was a small child so he could not save her.

Chandra says that he is happy she has regained her memory and they will live happily together. Nandini wonders why Bheemdev and Mohini are lying that she is Savitri. Chandra says that he will kill Mohini for trying to kill her. Chandra asks Nandini not to tell anyone that she had regained her memory. Nandini asks Chandra how he knew she was here and Chandra says he was following her. Bheemdev waits for Mohini and is furious with her. Mohini returns and tells Bheemdev that they have to be careful of Chanakya. Bheemdev says that they should escape as Chanakya will not spare them. Mohini says that they cannot leave after reaching the final stage. Mohini says that Saunand will kill them. Mohini asks Bheemdev to re-enter Chandra’s body and then he can manipulate him in such a way that Saunand can complete his mission. Chanakya asks about Bheemdev and Bhadra says that Chandra threw him out. Chandra and Nandini return to the palace. Nandini wonders how Chandra is behaving nicely again. Bheemdev re-enters Chandra’s body. Soldier tells Nandini that Chanakya is calling her. Nandini comes across Bindusar and remembers that he did not save her and left her to die. Nandini feels bad seeing that Bindusar hates her so much. Nandini feels that she will always love Bindusar as her son. Nandini vows that she will get Bindusar on the right path. Nandini meets Chanakya and he tells her that Chandra has become a victim of a black magic where one person’s soul can enter another person’s body and then the soul can manipulate that person. Chanakya says that he doubts Bheemdev and Mohini and Nandini says that his doubt could be right. Nandini says that his doubts can be true as Mohini tried to kill her today.  Nandini says that she has recalled her past memory. Chanakya asks her how she reached the cliff and Nandini says she does not know. Chanakya says that some soul must have entered her body too and taken her to the cliff. Chanakya tells Nandini not to tell Chandra or anyone else about this. Chanakya says that they have to find out who has possessed Chandra’s body. Chanakya asks Nandini to be extra careful when Chandra is acting weird. Mohini prepares a funeral pyre and she says that she has no other option. The funeral pyre has Bheemdev’s body and Mohini sets it on fire. Nandini sees Chandra and thinks that he is possessed again. Chandra asks Nandini what happened in her absence. Nandini recalls past incidents and thinks that someone else too is involved in Mohini and Bheemdev’s plan. Chandra comes to Mohini and sees her burning Bheemdev’s body and get furious and asks her why she burned his body. Bheemdev tells Mohini that she is obsessed with Chandra’s body and therefore she burned his body.

Precap: Mohini tells Chandra that she knows his secret. Chandra kills Mohini. Nandini tells Helena and Bindusar that they have to save Magadh and Chandra and she is ready to give her life for this.


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