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Ek Deewana Tha 1st November 2017 Episode Written Update; Shiv tries to Contact Sharanya

All the plants turn black right before her eyes. Sharanya shouts.

Madhvi keeps mumbling she isn’t drunk when Rajan puts her in bed. He shakes his head. Your love towards Vyom is right but your hatred towards Sharanya is wrong. Why don’t you understand that Sharanya is Vyom’s life and you are mine! Sadly, you never understand this. Sleep now. He turns to go but she calls it a lie. She sits up and smiles at him. Are you saying this lie to me or to yourself? Or have you started to believe this lie by repeating is continuously? He makes a fist angrily. She lies down and starts talking to herself. Sleep or you will get tired proving the truth. People don’t believe truth easily nowadays.

Vyom pours himself a drink. He recalls Sharanya asking her why he drinks so much.

She supports him in his inebriated state. Why do you need to drink when you cannot manage yourself? He frees himself. Don’t you like it when I drink? She declines. She reiterates it when he asks her one more time. He pours it in the fire. I wont drink after today! Sharanya stares at him. You will forget your promise by tomorrow morning. He shakes his head and drops the flask. Keeping his hands on her shoulders, he tells her he can forget himself but not the promise that he has made to Sharanya Bisht. Flashback ends. Vyom thinks it will not happen. You may stay far but I can neither forget you nor the promise made to you. But there is only one fear. There is someone who is pulling you away from me!

Sharanya comes downstairs. She immediately closes the windows and doors of her room from inside. She sits down on a chair. What’s happening to me? Is it true or am I hallucinating? I cannot understand anything. She plays the radio but there seems to be some problem with it. She switches it off. The ghost is seen sitting right behind her. She smells stargazers yet again. It’s all in my mind! It’s an illusion! She turns sensing someone’s presence but no one is there. Radio begins to play. She holds her head as the noise bothers her. She ends up throwing it on the floor thereby breaking it. Music is still playing (Gumnam hai koi). She cannot understand why this is happening. She closes her room from outside, switches on the lights of the hall and covers herself with a duvet. This isn’t true. Nothing is happening. No one is there. I am just hallucinating! She keeps those mumbling those words to herself. She sees flashes of her accident. She recalls the time when she was driving with her father. Mrs. Bisht calls. She reprimands him for speaking on phone while driving. He says I am not mad to do anything like that. Why did you give car to her at hilly road? Sharanya assures her she will manage things fine but their car meets with an accident. Mr. Bisht gets badly injured in the accident. A cycle is shown fallen right in front of the car. Sharanya shouts for help. Milestone says Kapali, 5 kms. Sharanya notices the cycle. A guy is also lying on the road. Stargazers are lying next to him. She tires waking him when other car comes from the other side.

Back to present, the armchair in that room starts moving as the ghost sits on it.

Rajan notices Vyom playing absentmindedly. What happened to Rockstar today? You had a fight with Sharanya. Why are you upset with guitar then? Such fights happen. Vyom says every bitter word coming from her will only give me a chance to not leave her. She has just come out of coma. I can understand her pain, her confusion. Rajan speaks of her fears. She started getting scared suddenly, smell of flowers. She was on the terrace suddenly! Did it really happen? Vyom asks him if he thinks.. You are saying such things? She has come out of coma after 2 years. She will take time to turn normal. Memories of her past 5 years have been wiped out from her life! Rajan insists upon finding what happened. Vyom says do you think there is some ghost or supernatural power in her life. He laughs at the idea.

Lights begin to flicker yet again. Sharanya wakes up with a start. She walks out of that room. The armchair begins moving again!

Sharanya knocks at Aditya’s room. It opens up on its own. Aditya is fast asleep. Sharanya notices the wallpaper of his computer. She picks up his stuff but stops noticing the photos of the mountains on his computer. Which place is this? Kapali Hills is written automatically on the screen. She remembers the accident and panics. She wakes Aditya and asks him about the photos. He tells her to sleep and does not even open his eyes. She is freaked out. She closes the computer without even looking at it again and lies down next to Aditya only. Lights go off. Computer opens on its own again. The ghost is looking at it keenly.

Precap: Vyom asks Mrs. Bisht if Sharanya is not at home. She shares that she left early morning on her own. Vyom goes looking for her. A tree falls down on her. He rushes to her. The ghost is watching them.

Update Credit to: Pooja


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