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Ishqbaaz 1st November 2017 Episode Written Update

Ishqbaaz 1st November 2017 Episode starts with Shivaay telling Omkara, Rudra to leave with him, they sit in the chopper. ShivOmRu break the door of Gauri’s room. Omkara apologizes to Gauri and puts a tape on her mouth, ShivOmRu kidnap Gauri.

Some time back… Ajay confronts Omkara, Shivika and Ruvya. Ajay threatens to kill Omkara and pushes him down. Shivaay tries to stop Ajay, Omkara stops Shivaay. Ajay slaps and beats Omkara, Gauri gets shocked, Shivaay and Rudra get restless. Omkara remembers Gauri telling him not to create any drama, Ajay and his men beat Omkara ruthlessly. Gauri cries, Shivaay and Rudra turn away their faces. Gauri tells Shivaay to beat up Ajay. Shivaay beats Ajay. Ajay’s man pushes Omkara, Om falls in front of Gauri, Gauri tells Omkara to beat them all.

Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra beat up Ajay and his men. Gauri gets worried looking at Richa. Shivaay tells Omkara to get Gauri with him. Gauri comes to them and tells Omkara that she cannot go back with them, she thanks Shivika, Rikara and Omkara for saving her. She tells them that she has freed Omkara from the marital relation as Omkara never accepted her as wife and now she is getting married to Ajay. Gauri requests tehm to go back. Everyone gets shocked.

In the night at Oberoi Mansion, Shivaay scolds Rudra for leaving Omkara alone. Shivaay and Rudra find Omkara sitting in dark, Omkara  tries says he was resting, Shivaay and Rudra try to make Omkara feel better. Omkara tries to cover up, Shivaay and Rudra get worried. Shivaay tells Khanna to keep the chopper ready. Gauri tells Ajay that she cannot marry in the night even though Richa and Mukesh are married as there is no muhurat. Gauri says she will marry next morning, Ajay gets annoyed and tries to push for the wedding, Gauri’s mother supports Gauri, Ajay finally agrees and warns Gauri again. Shivaay gets ready and makes excuse of a meeting for Anika, she gets in doubt. Anika tells Shivaay to eat with Omkara, Shivaay tells her that Omkara is sleeping, Anika gets surprised knowing that Shivaay let Omkara sleep without dinner. Shivaay assures Anika. Gauri’s mother warns Gauri about Ajay’s evilness, Gauri reassures her mother and tells her to have faith. Anika feels that Shivaay is hiding something from her as Shivaay is not looking in her eyes. Shivaay covers up and hugs her before leaving. Shivaay tells Omkara and Rudra that they need to leave. Shivaay tells Omkara and Rudra that they are going to get Gauri. Shivaay denotes that they are going to kidnap Gauri, Rudra starts dancing happily. Gauri overhears Ajay’s plan of spending the night with her as Ajay talks to his friends, Gauri decides to teach him a lesson in her way. Gauri decides to inform Omkara, his number remains unreachable. Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra get in te chopper. Gauri plans to flee away from her room, Ajay gets on his way to Gauri’s room in drunk condition. Gauri sees him and decides to beat him up. Suddenly the door of her room breaks and she sees Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra. Omkara stops Gauri from saying anything, he apologizes and puts a tape on Gauri’s mouth, Omkara says sorry for taking Gauri forcibly, Gauri tries to tell him that she is dying to go back home, Rudra tells Gauri that they are kidnapping her, Omkara picks Gauri up in his arms, Gauri’s head gets bumped on the door, she becomes unconscious. They face Ajay and his men. Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra beat them up.


Bhavya and Anika feel that there is some gadbad and the brothers are hiding something from them. Anika and Bhavya decide to find the truth from Omkara.

Pic Credit:OU


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