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Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 1st Nov 2017 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Abhishek trying to win Rishi’s family heart and talks to Ahana. Raj comes to Rishi and asks if he knows what happened in the office yesterday. Rishi says somebody brought their company shares at very high price and says he knows about him. He says that person is his friend’s friend, but he is his enemy. He says even though he has done a big favor on him, but now he is tension as he asked him to return his stuff. Raj asks who is he? Rishi says he will tell when right time comes and says he is letting that person take step ahead of him as he is letting him. He gets Tanuja’s call and tells Raj. Raj says she is my daughter.

Ahana asks Abhishek why didn’t he marry before. Abhishek says nobody liked him. He says now his perception is changed. He says you are trying to

know me. Ahana says you were also trying to know Tanuja. Abhishek says now he wants to marry and tells that there were many girls in his life, but after Tanuja came in his life, there is nobody in his life.Ahana asks who is that girl. Abhishek says he will tell later and tells that he met her first in London. Ahana asks him about Manpreet. Abhishek says he is boring and harmless. Ahana says she wants to make him Myra’s business. Abhishek asks her to go ahead.

Rishi comes to Tanuja and asks why did she call. He talks with her and goes. Tanuja thinks she has to talk to him. Gauri asks male servant to do arrangements of rakhi day. Tanuja comes to Rishi and says she called him because she wants to talk to him. She asks why he is behaving as if she is his girl friend. Rishi says you are in my heart, soul,life,wife etc and asks her to understand his feelings and says I love you and can’t live without you. He says I am mad after you and will follow you wherever you go. There is one way to get rid of me and asks her to kill him and says his heart is mad after her. Tanuja asks him to listen. He says he will talk to her after sometime.

Ahana tells Myra and Manpreet that today is rakhi day. Myra asks again rakhi and asks if Rohit came. Ahana says Manpreet said that he don’t have any sister and he wants Myra to become his sister. Myra tells Ahana that she is not interested in Manpreet and he is not her type. Ahana gets happy and says she is the first girl who is not interested in him and gets happy.

Tanuja feels bad and thinks she has hurt Rishi. She thinks now Rishi is changed. Rishi thinks Tanuja haven’t called him and thinks she must have felt bad. Haale dil mera poocha na sanam plays…..Rishi sees Tanuja’s pic and promises never to hurt her.

Rishi tells Tanuja that the moments he spent with her was the most happiest one and tells that they both are very lucky as they have each other.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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